Celebrating Our 275th Anniversary with Isabelle von Boch

For over 275 years, Villeroy & Boch has been synonymous with exquisite design, unparallel craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. From our humble beginnings as a small pottery shop in the heart of Europe, we have grown into a global brand that is loved and celebrated by discerning consumers around the world.

Today, we continue to expend the boundaries of innovation and creativity, while staying true to our heritage of quality and excellence.The roots of the family business date back to 1748, when Francois Boch and his three sons opened a pottery workshop in Audun-le-Tiche in the Lorraine Provence of France. These roots, combined with the latest trends, have resulted in the limited-edition products of the new 275 Anniversary Collection to celebrate our 275th milestone, as well as the limited-edition Audun Maison collection that highlights 25 years of the beloved Audun collection and the birthplace of Villeroy & Boch.


The Awe of Audun

The trend setting collection that paved the way for mix and match tableware.

Combination of Collections

Audun & Manufacture Rock

As Isabelle points out, mixing the Audun collection within itself or with other collections gives you endless possibilities.The Manufacture Rock collection with it's more modern appeal, is a sleek counter-part that complements Audun in both texture and color. 

Limited Edition

275th Anniversary Collection

Extravagant designs that harken back to the origins of Villeroy & Boch, the Paradiso pattern first debuted in 1964 and used the traditional engraving technique that was applied to ceramics by Nicolas Villeroy as early as 1791. For 2023, we’ve taken that inspiration and combined it with modern graphics elements to deliver a collection with a retro yet modern look. The Paradiso pattern is a striking design that includes the traditional dinnerware color palette of blue and white, enhanced with vibrant, on-trend orange. Explore our exclusive anniversary collection while supply lasts.

Exclusive Anniversary Trays

Decorative Tray: Anna Boch

Decorative Tray: Eugene Boch

Isabelle Von Boch

As an eighth-generation family member and brand ambassador for Villeroy & Boch, Isabelle von Boch has inherited her family’s passion for tabletop; her ancestors founded the company 275 years ago and it remains a world-leader in tableware. Isabelle enjoys sharing her knowledge about the latest trends in dinnerware, her favorite patterns, mix and match inspiration, and even family anecdotes and lore (which include links to Van Gogh and Europe’s royalty). She likens dinnerware to a “little black dress” that you can dress-up for a more formal look or dress-down for a more casual look, depending on occasion. Those who come within Isabelle’s orbit adore her. She is a contagious character who just happens to be a zealot about dinnerware and everything you could possibly want to know about the subject: how to buy and care for china and crystal; how to “dress” a table for any occasion or mood; which pieces to add to your wedding registry.


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