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Viagra drug that is well known to many men who have problems with impotence or poor erections. There have been numerous experiments and researches, which have confirmed the great efficacy of the drug. But science does not stand still and thanks to modern technology was developed and improved analogue of the drug Viagra soft.

Viagra : Pharmacy ED

With an advanced formulation that promotes better absorbability into the blood, the action of the drug begins in 10-15 minutes. Absorbed Viagra online soft begins long before hitting her in the stomach, namely the mouth of the patient, and this is achieved by more rapid action. Therefore, the drug became the choice of those men who are in constant search for yourself a sexual partner.

About the drug

Generic Viagra is the most well known drug among the means that enhance male potency. He is trusted by millions of men. Viagra plus is familiar to all Viagra, only more better and perfect. One of the distinguishing abilities was the fact that now the drug can not drink, because the tablet easily dissolves under the tongue. Viagra soft, bypassing the stomach, goes directly into the blood stream. Therefore, to operate the tablet is starting so quickly. Now no need to wait half an hour or more until the drug will act, enough 15 minutes to your erection was complete. Effect of Viagra super active

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The drug has a therapeutic effect only when your body feels a sense of sexual desire. Brand Viagra promotes good blood flow to the penis, which ensures a strong erection sufficient for the entire stretch of intimacy. Once you have started to experience desire, blood flow to the intimate area and improving your erection becomes hard.

Application and dosage

You can simply place the tablet under the tongue and wait until it is all dissolved. To wash down the drug with water, chew it should not be. Otherwise, the action of Extra super Viagra may become less effective.

There remains the effect of the drug for 4-5 hours. To further improve erection, we recommend taking the drug for 15-20 minutes before intercourse. 50 mg dosage recommended for a person of average build. Depending on the response of the body this dosage may be increased to 100mg. Most important thing is not to take the drug more than once in a day.

Tips for receiving and contraindications

Before first taking the drug should seek the advice of a physician. Only a specialist can properly explain all the nuances associated with the treatment of your problem.
The main contraindications
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Heart rhythm disorders, heart failure.
Modified form of the penis.
Renal failure.
Liver failure.
Hypertension and hypotension.
Hypersensitivity to the drug.
Persons over 60 years high dose of cheap Viagra soft is not highly recommended due to the high risk of side effects.

Adverse events and overdose

Viagra soft much less frequently causes adverse effects than classic Viagra. After taking the drug in some cases may experience headaches, gastro-intestinal tract, redness of the face and neck. Dizziness, skin rashes, dryness of the nasal mucosa - viagra professional