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Serving Sets & Utensils

Serving Sets & Utensils

25 Item(s)
25 Item(s)

Serving Sets by Villeroy & Boch: for a cultivated table

Cutlery is more than just a tool for guests at your dinner table - that becomes clear as soon as you cut open a beautiful roast or a summer vegetable. That's why Villeroy & Boch offers high-quality serving sets and a large number of kitchen tools with a design to match our beautiful cutlery series. You can use a pasta server to spoon spaghetti onto your guests’ pasta dishes, and a sauce spoon helps you add just the right amount of salmon cream sauce. Serving sets by Villeroy & Boch impress, just like our everyday cutlery, with their robust quality and high-quality finish. These finishes look just as good in the afternoon on a cake spatula as they do in the evening on a pizza cutter. Anyone who’s looking for a healthy meal, rather than something sweet and hearty, will love using a stylish salad serving set to toss a colorful garden salad with tomatoes and cucumbers in a big salad bowl. Beautiful things shouldn’t just be for special occasions; they should bring us joy in our everyday lives as well. That’s why exclusive cutlery from the Villeroy & Boch brand stands out not only for its beautiful design, which coordinates perfectly with high quality porcelain tableware from the traditional company, but also for its unusual robustness. Dishwasher safe and easy to care for, most of our special serving pieces are outstanding for everyday use.