Glass Sets

Glass Sets

A selection of high-quality glasses for everyday use and special occasions is a must in any household. Villeroy & Boch offers the perfect selection of eye-catching glass sets for any occasion. Discover sparkling crystal glasses in elegant designs, and practical sets for hot drinks.

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Enjoy a Refreshing Drink on a Hot Day

A delicious orange juice with breakfast, a cool glass of water at lunch, or a fine beer in the evening – the right drink is a must for every meal. Make sure they are served in the appropriate glass to set the perfect mood. Use shapely crystal glasses, for instance, to serve plain water. They will highlight the purity of the drink perfectly. Add a slice of lemon or lime for just a hint of flavor. Or what about a home-made ice tea? Serve it to your guests with ice cubes and fresh fruits in a glass carafe to stimulate their appetites with a delicious drink.

A Stylish Way to Serve Fine Wine

A discerning wine needs just the right glass to unfold its complex aroma to the fullest. Let a full-bodied red wine “breathe” in the wide-bellied shape of a red wine glass, and present a lightly chilled Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc in a white wine glass to help its gentler aroma come to the forefront. The right choice will help you truly enjoy the finer nuances of these multi-faceted drinks. Elegant cups and glasses made of smoked glass with a fine relief are also a treat for the eye, and the perfect option for finishing out a relaxing summer evening outdoors with a good glass of wine.

Glass Sets for Hot Beverages

In addition to high-quality porcelain, glass vessels are also becoming a popular choice for hot drinks as well. No wonder – a transparent glass is the perfect way to show off the individual layers in a tasty latte macchiato. Milk and espresso almost seem to float in a good double-walled glass. Aromatic tea, hot chocolate, or coffee with a fine crema on top are also especially inviting to drink when served in a beautiful glass. With glass sets by Villeroy & Boch, you’ll have a whole ensemble of high-quality vessels for tasty hot drinks. They’ll ensure your table looks good, whether you’re enjoying your everyday breakfast with the family or setting a festive coffee table for friends.

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