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Champagne Flutes

Champagne Flutes

Enjoy champagne and mimosa cocktails from beautiful crystal glasses and flutes specially designed to hold this joyous drink. Stock your bar up with casual Purismo champagne flutes priced for big gatherings. Or invest into our premium Allegorie and Nobilis crystal glasses for a sophisticated champagne experience.

Champagne flutes from Villeroy & Boch – When there is something to celebrate

Champagne flutes are must-have items in every household. Even a one-person household should have at least six champagne flutes just in case. Chosen to match your porcelain set, stylish glasses from Villeroy & Boch always create elegant accentuation. The gentle sparkle from the glass accompanies a romantic breakfast in bed, sweet strawberries plucked from the summer garden or an anniversary celebration. There is a champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine to suit any occasion. You choose the taste. We will provide the glasses.

A champagne glass is more than just elegant eye-catcher; it is made to optimize the experience of the celebratory liquid it holds. When you pour champagne, light foam forms on the thin glass walls and, to bring the lively sparkling under control, champagne flutes and sparkling wine flutes have microscopic rough surfaces in the goblet or Cuppa. Thanks to this design, the tiny carbon dioxide pearls stick to the surface until they are large enough to ascend. Glass and crystal glass are carefully finished and cut, sandblasted or engraved depending on the design. Villeroy & Boch still relies on classic craftsmanship and mouth-blown glass for various collections. In this way each champagne flute becomes an individual masterpiece.

Thanks to our versatile designs, you will always find the right glass for your table. Accentuate the cozy atmosphere with harmonizing flutes or experiment with the color and shape contrasts of modern champagne flutes to create a smart ensemble.