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Buffet & Charger Plates

Buffet & Charger Plates

25 Item(s)
25 Item(s)

Buffet Plates & Chargers by Villeroy & Boch – A feast for the eyes

Buffet plates on your dinner table offer an elegant, yet practical alternative to fabric or bamboo place mats, since they're easy to clean and can underscore the unique shapes and colors in the rest of your table setting depending on the collection you choose. Since they are visible to guests throughout the dinner, and in particular between courses, their decorative aspect plays a key role in your overall table presentation. If you place colorful glass plates by Villeroy & Boch under gleaming white porcelain dishes, you can create a refreshing and modern look. Premium porcelain and premium bone porcelain plates will add harmony to your table, and will always create a comfortable ambiance. Even though buffet plates can be used for any meal, they do add a little something special. High quality porcelain creates a feeling of luxury for your table setting, particularly on special occasions.