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Food Storage

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Material: Premium Porcelain

Storing Valuable Ingredients Tastefully

A lovingly arranged ensemble of storage boxes can be found in nearly every kitchen--so you always have a selected choice of various ingredients within reach whenever they are needed for creating delicious meals. Flavor-tight and aroma-proof containers ensure that sugar, flour, rice, spices and quite a lot of other kitchen-treasures remain in the best condition. Thanks to these practical accessories, the loss of aroma or moisture no longer is an issue. Effectively placed on the shelf in a uniform design, the appealing food storage cans from Villeroy & Boch not only make it easier to organize things, but also help to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Beautifully Designed Accessories for Everyday Use

Most of the versatile kitchen storage accessories from Villeroy & Boch are made of premium porcelain, which is characterized by its shimmering brightness and its high durability. Due to the high-quality material and the careful workmanship during the resource-saving manufacturing process, the vessels are suited for everyday usage. Whether a beautifully crafted spice tin, perfectly shaped tea caddy or colorful painted jam container – all of them are reliably sturdy and easy to clean. Would you like to keep some leftovers from a delicious dinner? Our flat kitchen storage bowls with tightly fitting lids are a great choice. Most of them can be used in the microwave, so you can easily heat up your food the next day.

Creating a Harmonious Table

Thanks to their timeless elegance and the wide range of different collections, our kitchen storage accessories are a perfect match to your precious dinnerware. Embellish your breakfast table with lovely kitchen storage. Sweet spread, home-made marmalade and butter will be a real eye-catcher in the appropriate serveware from Villeroy & Boch. Would you like to provide your family or guests with sugar to sweeten a freshly brewed coffee or tea? One of our elaborately decorated sugar bowls will be the stylish highlight on your carefully laid table. Our kitchen storage accessories are also nice gift idea for a very special person.

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