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Material: Premium Porcelain

Transform Precious Ingredients into Culinary Delights

Selected fresh ingredients make up the basis for a marvelous dinner. Nevertheless, using market-fresh products also means a great deal of preparatory work. Being a chef also includes coordinating and perfecting numerous processes and different tasks until the final result will delight your guests’ palate. Besides a great deal of experience, aptitude and a feeling for the right moment, professional kitchen accessories are needed. These essential utensils ensure that even inconvenient kitchen work is made easy. So, for example, when it comes to cutting meat, vegetables or fish, a reliable sharp knife makes the difference. A high-quality chopping board with a rustic appeal makes your cutting tasks even more enjoyable.

Kitchenware for Serving Yummy Meals in a Tasteful Way

After your culinary precision work is finished, the yummy food requires an adequate presentation surface. Use kitchen trays and serveware from Villeroy & Boch to turn affectionately prepared meals into a real feast for the eyes. A well-chosen combination of modern shapes and pure elegance ensures, your dishes are put into the limelight. Lovingly applied decors and contemporary patterns will breathe fresh life into your cuisine. If you are looking for genuine all-rounders for preparing, serving and keeping food, our kitchen accessories for food storage are the perfect choice. Their artful designs bring new life into your kitchen and are an excellent match for your dinnerware and glassware from Villeroy & Boch.

Kitchen Accessories to Prepare and Serve Baked Dishes

What finally leads to a culinary pleasure, quite often passes different stages of preparation. Starting at the cooking plate, some dishes also go into the oven to become evenly brown and simultaneously remain succulent. The bakeware items by Villeroy & Boch are especially designed for use in intense heat. If you’d like to spoil your guests or family with a yummy soufflé, one of our casserole dishes is exactly the right framework for your meal. Thanks to their visually appealing manner, you can not only use them to bake tasteful dishes, but also serve them directly on the table.

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