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Whisky & Cognac Glasses

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Material: Crystal glass

Exclusive Whiskey Glasses for Your Home Bar

What's more indulgent than finishing an evening with friends with stimulating discussion over a good glass of whiskey? A legendary old-fashioned is an excellent choice for serving a mature single malt, a gentle bourbon, or a blend with understated fruity notes in style. With their sturdy bases and artful finishes, high-quality whiskey glasses by Villeroy & Boch highlight the exclusivity of select drinks and liquors. While shorter tumblers or tulip-shaped nosing glasses turn pure whiskey into a feast for your senses, double old-fashioned glasses are excellent choice for mixed drinks.

Cognac Glasses for Connoisseurs

True cognac lovers know: few spirits can keep up with this well-rounded liquor named for the French city in which it was invented. The drink is distilled from pure white wine, which matures under the sun in and around the wine growing areas of Grande Champagne. To help this golden liquor perfectly unfold its diverse bouquet, serve it in either classic cognac snifters or tulip-shaped cognac glasses. The slightly round form ensures optimal air circulation in both options, allowing the cognac to “breathe” and reach the perfect temperature thanks to the warmth of your hand.

High-Quality Crystal Glasses

When making its cognac and whiskey glasses, Villeroy & Boch relies on artisanal, hand-made options in many of its collections. The fine grind on our heavier tumblers is evidence of good precision in manufacturing and great creative skill. Excellently finished glasses shine like little jewels when the light hits them. Thin-walled cognac glasses offer a seamless design, allowing passionate connoisseurs to assess the character and quality of the spirit based on its color and aroma. Timeless and beautiful designs make our tasteful glasses into lifelong companions that will accentuate your favorite drink in a unique way.

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