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Tea & Coffee Cups

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Material: Borosilicate glass
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Material: Premium Bone Porcelain
$48.00 $35.99
Material: Premium Bone Porcelain
Material: Borosilicate glass
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Material: Premium Porcelain
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Material: Premium Bone Porcelain

Glass Mugs to Elevate Your Morning Ritual

Either glass coffee cup or glass tea cup, all are made of high quality glass crafted skillfully into perfect drinking vessels. The special double-walled construction of the glass mugs of our Artesano collection provide optimal insulation while holding an attractive transparent mug in your hands. Indulge your eyes with the colors of a fine tea. Enjoy the three layers of a latte macchiato, observe the milk swirl into your coffee. Thanks to the high quality, condensation won’t develop in between the two layers of glass.

Stylish Mugs to Take Your Morning Coffee to Eye-catching New Heights

While our Artesano collection is popular for its clean and modern style, our glass coffee cup from the New Wave collection represents joyful modern chic. Its glamorous latte glass has a handle made from stainless steel and nestles around the high and narrow glass body. Beautiful aesthetic let you enjoy your morning coffee even more. Put it on your office desk, coworkers will guaranteed be enviously squint at your fabulously chic glass.

Our glass cups and mugs are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. We guarantee long-lasting delight with these glass mugs and cups.

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