Espresso Spoons

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Material: Stainless steel

Espresso spoons by Villeroy & Boch, for an energizing coffee treat

Whether it's a wake-me-up in the morning, a cup with your afternoon brownie, or a way to finish up a lavish evening dinner: Espresso is part of our everyday lives, and it's important to have the right tableware to serve this little coffee specialty. An espresso cup and spoon set by Villeroy & Boch is the perfect accessory for delightful coffee moments.

Special espresso spoons might well be the smallest piece of cutlery you own – nevertheless, a true coffee lover would never be without them. Since a normal portion of espresso, according to Italian standards, is about 0,85 fl oz, and since most espresso cups have a capacity between 1,35 fl oz and 3,38 fl oz, a normal coffee cup of 5.51 inches in size would look too large. That’s why we use espresso spoons instead.

These unique spoons need to be designed for everyday use. That’s why it's especially important that they look great, don’t wear, and are dishwasher safe. The refined designs of our stainless steel cutlery can be easily combined with almost any tableware set. While most people want to create a uniform appearance with their tableware, espresso spoons are one piece that can add a unique accent.

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