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Material: Premium Bone Porcelain
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Material: Premium Porcelain

Serve Tasty Treats That Whet Your Appetite

Lovingly arranged finger foods and appetizers are an outstanding way to give your guests a hearty or sweet treat while they wait. Whether you make salmon rolls, filled puff pastry bites, delicious mini-quiches, deviled eggs, crispy spring rolls, or creative skewers - everyone will dig right in. Specially designed appetizer platters are the perfect option for creating the right backdrop for any of these snacks. Villeroy & Boch offers a selection of beautiful platters that create just the right setting for hot or cold delicacies - as an appetizer or snack between meals.

We’ve Thought of Everything

True cooks value great ingredients above all, and always prepare their favorite foods with great attention to detail. However, a visually appealing presentation is also key to creating truly perfect dishes. Crispy fried fish, for example, looks especially good on a bed of fresh vegetables on an oval fish platter. Home-made sushi rolls look stylish served on a wide sushi plate, and original Italian antipasti are best served on a beautiful antipasti platter with a modern design.

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