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Material: Premium Porcelain
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Material: Premium Porcelain
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Material: Premium Porcelain
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Material: Premium Porcelain

Bowls are the New Plates

A true jack of all trades, bowls are a welcome addition to any meal. Start your day by enjoying a bowl of crunchy cereal or a healthy and warming bowl of oatmeal. Just add some fresh fruit - a healthy breakfast never tasted so good! Bowls are also great for lunch or dinner to serve a salad or a fine soup. Dishes served in a rimmed bowl look especially tempting, framed in a sophisticated and beautiful presentation.

For Anyone Who Loves to Dip and Snack

Lovingly prepared snacks and hors d’oeuvres are a great way to treat your guests to tasty morsels and fresh ingredients - at receptions, parties, or any gathering. Small delicacies, served in the right dish, are also a culinary highlight at a brunch or dinner with friends, and they're sure to please any guest. Serve a fruity compote in small bowls, or set out dips for vegetables or chips for your guests. The broad selection of bowls in many different sizes and styles from Villeroy & Boch offers the right option for any purpose.

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