The Anmut Gold collection features
elegant white Premium Bone Porcelain
and hand-painted decorative lines made with 20-carat gold, polished by hand.


Pure, minimalist design meets
Villeroy&Boch Premium Bone Porcelain. Everything about this collection screams understatement, making it a must-have for minimalists.

Quality is the essence of excellence

Premium Bone Porcelain is considered to be the finest of all porcelains and is also known as "white gold" due to its very translucent appearance and brilliant shine. Yet it has impact- and shock-resistant edges, and is very hard and crack-resistant. Moreover, it is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe and therefore perfect for use in cafés and restaurants.

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Love for the extraordinary

Villeroy & Boch is characterised not only by its love of design and excellence, but also by love itself. Because the history of one of the most style-defining companies worldwide is based on a real love story. In 1836, the two families of Villeroy and Boch signed a contract to jointly produce precious porcelain. The signatures on this contract symbolise the most important milestone in Villeroy & Boch history: two competing companies became one. Afterwards, members of both families, the beautiful Octavie Villeroy and the charismatic Eugen Boch, fell in love and married. And the two families became one.


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