Frequently asked questions

How can I register for the My Club?

Simply register online and enjoy the benefits straight away. You can find the conditions for participation here.

What benefits does My Club offer?

My benefits as a My Club member: 

  • Voucher for your birthday (only possible if you provide your date of birth) 
  • Member deals and other exclusive My Club sales 
  • Collect and redeem My Club points when making purchases (points can be redeemed after the return period of 30 days)
  • Club newsletter keeps you informed of special My Club promotions 
  • and much more 

How do I earn My Club points?

You can start earning My Club points just by registering: Get up to 900 My Club points when you first register: 400 My Club points for your registration with confirmation of your email address, 300 My Club points for specifying your postal address and another 200 My Club points if you specify your date of birth. 
For each purchase in our online shop, in participating Houses of Villeroy & Boch and in Villeroy & Boch outlets, you will receive My Club points. When placing orders in the online shop, make sure to log into your My Club account before placing the order. 

How many My Club points will I earn for my purchase?

For euro countries, the following applies: You will receive 1 point for each euro you spend. A point is worth 1 cent. For example, for a purchase of €100, you will receive a total of 100 My Club points which have a combined value of €1, or 1 CHF in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, £1 in the United Kingdom, $1 in the USA, Canada, Australia, 5 Zloty in Poland, 10 SEK in Sweden, 10 NOK in Norway or 8 DKK in Denmark.

You will receive My Club points for each full euro in the euro currency area or CHF in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, GBP in the United Kingdom, dollars in the USA, Canada, Australia, Zloty in Poland, SEK in Sweden, NOK in Norway or DKK in Denmark.

Can I add My Club points retrospectively?

It is not possible to credit My Club points retrospectively. Therefore please remember to log into your My Club account when placing orders in the online shop and tell staff in the Houses of Villeroy & Boch and Villeroy & Boch outlets of your My Club membership before your purchases are processed. 

Where can I redeem my My Club points?

You can redeem My Club points at any time within the corresponding currency area in the Villeroy & Boch online shop, in participating Houses of Villeroy & Boch and in the Villeroy & Boch outlets. 

How much is a My Club point worth?

Each of these points depends on the respective currency area and corresponds to a value of 1 cent in the euro currency area or 1 centime in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, 1 pence in the United Kingdom, 1 cent in the USA, Canada, Australia, 5 groszy in Poland, 10 öre in Sweden and Norway, and 8 Øre in Denmark. 

I have collected My Club points online, but I can’t see them in my account yet.

The points will be displayed as soon as possible. When you make a purchase in our online shop and in our Villeroy & Boch Stores, the points will be credited to your points account within 24 hours upon invoicing. 

Can my My Club points expire?

My Club points are valid for 3 years. You will be notified of the expiry of your points by newsletter 3 months in advance. 

From when can I redeem my My Club points?

The points are locked for the first 30 days after your purchase and are automatically released after the end of the withdrawal period. 

Where can I find information about my points?

You can view your points at any time in your account. 

How can I unsubscribe and what happens to my My Club points?

To unsubscribe, please contact our Customer Happiness Team directly. You must unsubscribe in writing. When you unsubscribe, please state whether you would like to redeem your My Club points first. 

I’ve forgotten my login details. What should I do?

Please click on “Forgot your password”. We will send you a new password via email.  
You always log in with your email address. 

My details have changed. What should I do?

You can change your address details online in your account and at the till in one of our participating stores. Only your email address cannot be changed. If your email address has changed, please contact our Service team directly here. 

I’ve requested a new password, but still haven’t received an email.

No customer account is registered for the email address stated. Please note that registering for the newsletter is not the same as registering in our online shop. You are still able to receive the newsletter even without creating your own account. 
Please register quickly and easily here for an account in the online shop 

Why should I create a customer account?

As a registered customer and My Club member, you will enjoy many benefits. You can track and view your orders, save your favourite and desired items, benefit from exclusive My Club sales and are informed of all the latest news.

When will I become a My Club Gold Member?

The requirement is for My Club Members to make purchases with a total value of at least 600 USD  within a period of 365 consecutive days in the Villeroy & Boch online shop or in participating Villeroy & Boch stores. At the end of the 30-day return period for the purchased items that took you to the status threshold of 600 USD , you will become a My Club Gold Member.

What benefits will I have as a My Club Gold Member?

You can find a summary of all the benefits here

How long will I remain a My Club Gold Member?

The Gold status initially applies for 2 years. If you again purchase goods with a total value of over 600 USD during these 2 years, your Gold status will automatically be extended for another 2 years. If you do not reach this purchase value, the Gold status will not be renewed. You will, of course, still be a My Club Member and can enjoy all the regular My Club benefits.

When and where can I view my My Club status?

You can view your status at any time in your customer account on our website. Alternatively, you can ask our employees in participating Villeroy & Boch stores or our Customer Happiness Team to check your status.

What does My Club membership cost?

Membership of our customer club is free of charge for you and there are no associated costs.


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