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New! Like. Glassware Collection

The like. glassware sets were inspired by the vintage 70's designs and rich, yet muted undertones. Explore a new, trendy collection of contemporary, striking shapes and unique colors. Available in sets of two.


Find amazing and unique inspiration posted by Villeroy & Boch fans and share your own V&B style with the community @villeroybochusa

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Now Available

Rose Garden Home

Explore the Rose Garden Home collection of vases, tealights and hurricane lamps featuring an optic rosebud design.

Matte Premium Porcelain with a Slate-like Finish

Manufacture Rock Collection

Add a modern look to your table with the Manufacture Rock collection--perfect on its own or mixed with other dinnerware patterns for an contemporary twist.

As Seen In

Featured in Vogue, Esquire, Good Housekeeping and more!

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