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Xanax is a powerful drug that has the action of a tranquilizer with some side effects, such as sedation.

Who should not take Xanax?

Xanax on the basis of Alprazolam is not recommended for patients in coma, as well as in a state of shock. Patients suffering from poisoning or glaucoma should also not take Xanax, and also mix it with other drugs of a similar effect. Xanax gives bad side effects in combination with painkillers and sleeping pills. If you have trouble with breathing, or you are suffering from severe depression, or if you are pregnant, Xanax, including its Generic analogues, is contraindicated for you. If treatment with Xanax or another drug with Alprazolam is required, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor. Please note that especially severe side effects can occur in elderly patients.

How to apply Xanax?

Xanax is recommended at any time of the day. The daily dose is 2-3 tablets. Depending on how severe the patient is, or how sensitive the patient is, the dosage can be changed.

With the help of Xanax, treatment lasts from 3 days to 3 months, depending on the degree of complexity of the disease and the desired effect. The development of dependence in long-term treatment is possible. To avoid such a problem, it is recommended to reduce the dosage for the gradual discontinuation of Xanax.

Drug analogues

Xanax is not the only medicine based on Alprazolam. There are also its analogues:

  • Alzolam
  • Alprox
  • Zolodak
  • Zolomax
  • Kassadan
  • Lamose

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The Xanax Effect

Xanax, which contains Generic Alprazolam, is a powerful anxiolytic agent that also has the effect of a hypnotic and sedative. Moreover, Xanax affects the brain, reducing the level of excitability and exerting a retarding effect on the reflexes. Xanax can reduce negative feelings, such as fear, anxiety and other similar. There is an impact on the very nature of fear, due to which the patient feels much better.

You can also note a positive impact on sleep: the patient sleeps harder, falls asleep quicker and sleep becomes deeper. At the same time, the cells of the brain are depressed, so the process of falling asleep becomes as comfortable and useful as possible.

Side Effects of Xanax

Despite the fact that Alprazolam without prescription is available in pharmacies, Xanax has many side effects. This does not mean that they all manifest themselves in every patient, but the risk persists. The elderly, as well as people with severe forms of disease, are most prone to side effects. The most common side effects are:

  • weakness and fatigue
  • migraine and dizziness
  • difficulty with movement
  • problems with memory, etc.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, reverse actions are possible, such as:

  • outbursts of anger
  • increased physical activity
  • excited state, etc.

On the part of other organs, there may be problems with blood composition, as well as an unpleasant feeling of nausea or dryness in the mouth, problems with stools, liver, kidneys, etc. In case of an allergy to the components of the drug, discontinue treatment. Prohibited use during pregnancy because of the high risk of fetal malformations. In case of emergency, you are allowed to under strict doctor’s supervision.

Additional information on the use of the drug

If you use Xanax and other Alprazolam-based drugs, you should not take ethanol at the same time.

It is important to monitor the blood, liver and kidneys throughout the treatment. If you have never taken such drugs before, the effect will be more monotonous. In rare cases, it is possible to use the medication together with antidepressants.

In the presence of depression, the patient can react inadequately, up to suicide attempts. In this case, it is strongly recommended that the patient be constantly monitored by a specialist or relatives if the treatment is performed at home.

How to buy Xanax?

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