Weak acidic cleaning agents remove limescale deposits (e.g. calcium scale), urine deposits and other mineral precipitates and deposits. They are also used for initial cleaning to remove cement film remaining after grouting. If used over long periods they will attack cement joints. To prevent this, the surfaces should be thoroughly wetted before cleaning in order to reduce absorption by the joints. The effectiveness of weak acidic cleaning agents also depends on the hardness of the water.

The "Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen" provides an extended list of suitable tested cleaning agents for ceramic surfaces in swimming pools; this so-called “Liste RK” is updated continuously.

Film-forming cleaning agents should not be used on ceramic surfaces. These can considerably reduce or even neutralise the slip resistance of ceramic coverings, and can also produce unsightly effects (e.g. smearing) or cause cleaning problems. Please observe the manufacturer's instructions carefully, as incorrect application of cleaning agents may attack and damage the tile covering, joints and elastic sealants.