Are tiles within a range always the same size, how are the packs labelled?

The tile format is given as a nominal dimension, which is made up of the work size (actual size) plus

the recommended joint width. In the industrial manufacture of tiles, variations in the size (calibre)

of the tiles are inevitable. The sizes are sorted, labelled and boxed separately. For Villeroy & Boch

tiles, an explanation of the possible calibres for a specific tiles is to be found on every package. The

calibre code is stated on every package next to the shade code and specifies the actual size of the tile.

Example: For a tile in format 30 x 30 cm with work size 296 x 296 mm, the following general calibre data will be stated on every package

Calibre Code

295 x 295 mm5

296 x 296 mm 6

297 x 297 mm 7

Nominal dimension:30 x 30 cm Printing on the box:

Work size: 296 x 296 mmNuance Calibre

Calibre 7 45 X 7

Actual size: 297 x 297 mm

Joint width: 3 mm

Nominal dimension: 30 x 30 cm Printing on the box

Work size: 296 x 296 mm Nuance Calibre

Calibre 6 45 X 6

Actual size: 296 x 296 mm

Joint width: 4 mm