Are tiles from Villeroy & Boch wear-resistant and slip-resistant?

Abrasion, i.e. surface wear, occurs on floor coverings as a result of subjection to grinding and scraping, and can lead to visible changes to the high-gloss finish of glazed tiles.

Glazed vitreous tiles are classified with regard to their wear resistance. The wear resistance groups range from group 1, indicating very light wear resistance, to wear group 5, indicating heavy duty wear resistance.

Villeroy & Boch also offers slip-resistant tiles. Special tiles with surfaces featuring varying degrees of profiling or roughness provide the tile covering with anti-slip properties (accident prevention). Accident insurance companies require slip resistance in work rooms, in public areas which are subject to an increased risk of slipping and in barefoot areas. In the commercial sector, slip resistance is classified according to rating groups R9 to R12. The higher the R group, the greater the slip resistance. In barefoot areas, slip resistance is rated according to groups A, B and C.