The Villeroy & Boch tiles shown are licence products from V&B Fliesen GmbH

Design à la Villeroy & Boch

Caught between past and present – Historically inspired tiles for stylish interiors

For some years, now, the so-called ‘retro’ style, which lends contemporary settings the charm of days gone by, has been very popular. People seek things that tell a story. Whether they confidently display signs of wear or have been carefully restored is purely a matter of taste.

Modern retro design draws on the past and reinterprets historical décors, motifs and finishes. Villeroy & Boch Fliesen, for instance, has sought inspiration in its own history and prepared historical ceramics in a contemporary way. The result: exclusive tile ranges that feature the unmistakable signature of the long-established company: with high-quality design à la Villeroy & Boch.

CENTURY UNLIMITED – An irresistible blend of old and new

For the CENTURY UNLIMITED concept, a modern cotto-cement look has been combined with a décor that adapts the typical motifs of the Mettlach tiles from the 19th century: The historical patterns have been reworked and prepared in up-to-date colours. A comprehensive décor concept has been achieved, made of porcelain stoneware tiles that can be combined to create expressive patterns as well as a random patchwork layout. The richness of variations in décor can create ever-new, surprising images. Whether clear geometries or playful ornamentation, CENTURY UNLIMITED offers countless, individual design options throughout the home, both on the floor and on the wall.

STATEROOM – Patina with traces of days gone by

With organically drawn surfaces, the STATEROOM concept for walls and floors focusses on the natural course of time. The finely nuanced, multi-coloured look is balanced in muted, delicate hues. The classic, patinated vintage décor allows traces of fine ornamentation to shine through, awakening memories of ornate stone carvings, perhaps from the ancient Orient. This makes STATEROOM just the thing for all those who delight in design, crafts and art with links to history.

Decorative highlights are elegant relief borders with coatings in genuine precious metal; these can be staged as traditional wall decorations in a classic interior, or as a striking contrast in a minimalist loft style. The floor is appealing, too, with a fashionable shabby chic: it looks as if it has been in use for many years, and has been lovingly waxed and polished over and over again.

LA DIVA – Multicultural craftsmanship with precious details

As the LA DIVA collection proves, elegant beauty is everlasting. Inspired by the multicultural influences of Asian and European craftsmanship and sophisticatedly created with precious details and filigree patterns, LA DIVA is ideal for use in glamorous wall presentations.

Expressive colours with fine gold accents in a ‘used’ look underscore the stylish appearance, while hues with a slightly grey overtone offer the range a subdued elegance. The décor exhibits elaborate ornamentation, geometric patterns and floral elements with a relief effect and metallic finish. The hand-set mosaics with real gold plating are valuable unique specimens with which Villeroy & Boch Fliesen once again demonstrates its highly-developed craftsmanship and artistic expertise in tile production.

CHÉRIE – Charming nostalgia with a modern touch

The CHÉRIE wall concept places traditional French heritage elements in a contemporary stylistic context. Fine and cultured, the tiles give the space a decorative, nostalgic charm while discreetly conveying an elegant lifestyle at the same time.

Gentle, iridescent colours and designs with arabesques or a striped look shape the atmosphere of the room in a light and unobtrusive way. The large glass borders have a captivating, exquisite look: reminiscent of polished glass, the inner design gives the borders a sculptural relief effect, even though the finish is in fact smooth. The wall finishes are flattened along the upper edge, so that a classic cornice can be formed – ideal for wall coverings in the style of the ‘good old days’.