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A café set for those who share a love of coffee and animals

Animals of the World: A Meaningful Collector’s Series

To the delight of coffee drinkers and animal lovers, Villeroy & Boch will be paying tribute to the animals of our world each year with this new collector’s edition anthology. Four new enchanting animal decors will appear on the popular NewWave coffee cups annually to broaden the NewWave Caffè Animals of the World series. The coffee cups in this unique, eye-catching assortment are great for collecting, giving away or for your very own enjoyment.

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Colorful fish with intricate details on premium porcelain

These elegant cups are adorned with four different fish species found in the Great Barrier Reef. Clownfish, powder blue tang, triggerfish and Moorish idol add color and life to the delicate porcelain. These exotic marine animals lend an air of elegance to your table decor. Enjoy tea time in a harmonious atmosphere with the NewWave Caffè Animals of the World collection.

Savor the tropical feeling with images of fish from the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef in front of the Australian coast stretches over 1,600 miles, making it the largest coral reef on earth. It is home to numerous colorful fish species that add to the attraction of this fascinating underwater world.

The clownfish

The clownfish or anemonefish lives in the Indo-Pacific and is known for its white and orange stripes. It hides inside anemones in the Pacific Ocean for protection.

The powder blue tang

Thanks to its blade-like tail fin, the powder blue tang is a fish not to be messed with. The avid swimmer feels right at home in the Great Barrier Reef.

The triggerfish

Triggerfish can reach more than three feet in length. Divers in particular show respect to the graceful swimmers.

The Moorish idol

The Moorish idol with its pointy snout is a typical inhabitant of the coral reef. The colorful fish can be found up to 590 feet under the sea level.

The bird décor

The NewWave Caffè Animals of the World collection starts 2015 with four unique decors featuring beautiful, exotic birds that call enviable coastal locations their homes. There is the small kingfisher, which lives by crystal-clear lakes. There is the colorful bee-eater, which is drawn to the rivers of Africa. There is the flamingo, which flounces through salt lakes. And there is the brown-throated conure, which feels at home in the tropical rain forest. Transport to a different tranquil destination with your coffee each morning with the NewWave Caffè Animals of the World collection.



King fisher