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The all-inclusive solution for your professional quality kitchen

Diverse preparation

Whether you’re preparing a large family meal, a small dinner or just want to make a quick little something: The Clever Cooking collection has you covered for all of your prep needs with baking and casserole dishes in every size.

Collection details: Clever Cooking

• launched in 2017
• premium porcelain & silicone
• edge impact resistance
• suitable for the freezer
• oven-safe
• dishwasher-safe
• microwave-safe

Sieve and serving bowl

The clever 2-in-1 solution for draining and serving

Baking pans with lids

Perfect heat retention and stylish serving in one

Cook side dishes on the lid

Every single Clever Cooking dish is heat resistant and ideal for using in the microwave or oven. With its cleverly thought-out design, the flat dishes do double duty as lids or as separate baking pans. That means oven-roasted vegetables and Sunday roast can cook side-by-side. Or, you can prepare a sweet soufflé or apple crisp in no time.

The 2-in-1 solution

The highlight of the collection is the innovative sieve bowl made of ceramic: With it’s integrated silicone sheath, the bowl can be used to drain pasta or salad and then, with an easy twist, be turned into a serving bowl. The silicone wraps the sieve bowl making it watertight and holds in warmth. Finish your sauces and dressings and serve in style.

That’s how easy it is!

Keep things cool and save space

All of the Clever Cooking bowls can be stacked neatly in the refrigerator because of their ceramic covers. This is especially practical for leftovers or pre-cooked food. For dishes with fresh fish, Haya has an extra tip: Use one of the large Clever Cooking pans to put it directly on ice until ready to serve.

Washing without pre-washing

The Clever Cooking collection is finished with a special glaze that makes it very easy to clean. Left-over bits of food simply can’t hang on. That means no more pre-washing. Just put the soiled pans directly into your dishwasher and save time, water and energy.