One-of-a-kind design meets floral decor

Flowers inviting you to touch

The Caffè Club Floral Touch collection features a unique textured floral pattern on the porcelain finish, ensuring this collection's cups and plates are a visual highlight when it’s coffee time.

Collection details: Caffè Club Floral Touch

• New in 2017
• Premium porcelain with floral relief
• Coffee items
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe

The perfect size for coffee machines

All cups in the Caffè Club collection were designed with a height to fit most standard coffee makers and automatic espresso machines. So relax and don’t worry about your coffee cup overflowing.

Everything you need for coffee

With four different coffee cups and matching saucers and kitchen plates, the collection offers everything you need to enjoy some coffee and pastries. And we have the perfect recipe for delicious Dutch-style apple cake.

Recipe for “amsterdamer Appeltaart”