BBQ Passion partners with Steffen Henssler

For a unique grilled taste

Elevate your grilling experience with function and style

The new “BBQ Passion” collection is designed for all barbecue enthusiasts and veggie grillers. When it comes to BBQ, Steffen Henssler, an acclaimed chef and restaurateur, is not the only one who gets fired up. He’ll put just about anything on the grill and in a smoker box. What matters the most – is that signature smoky flavor. The new collection has many smart and innovative features: built-in dividers separate the food flavors on your plate, while raised ridges of the serving platters keep your fish and vegetables crisp!


Steak plate L

Steffen Henssler's Tip:

"Marinate the bratwurst in the heavy cream for half an hour, turning them around every now and then. This is not required, but makes them nice and crunchy."

Fish plate

Steffen Henssler's Tip:

"It doesn’t always have to be meat. Vegetarians are in for a treat, thanks to grilled Feta cheese and veggie skewers."

Vegetable plate

“Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2015 and nominated as the “Kitchen Innovation of the Year” 2016.”


Steffen Henssler is an accomplished restaurateur and a European celebrity TV chef. Together with his father, he opened a successful restaurant “Henssler Henssler” in Hamburg,  as well as “ONO by Steffen Henssler”. In 2015, he founded a culinary school “Hennslers Küche” and the innovative catering service “Henssler at home.” In addition, the chef is a frequent guest speaker, and over the years has appeared on numerous TV shows. Since 2013, he has been a hosting his own cooking show called “Grill den Henssler.” 

Over the last 4 years Steffen Henssler has partnered with Villeroy & Boch on various projects, delivering professionally designed cooking and serving pieces for every home chef. After successful collaborations such as “Cooking Elements” and “BBQ”, we are proud to present “BBQ Passion” – an innovative range of premium cooking and tabletop products by Villeroy & Boch.