Easter gifts

Tasteful gifts create happiness

Surprises for your loved ones

When friends and family gather together for Easter, it’s always a special occasion. Little Easter gifts are guaranteed to bring joy to young and old. Whether it’s a carefully selected decorative piece to create an Easter feeling or a small gift - you will certainly find the right thing at Villeroy & Boch.

Gifts for grown-ups

Not everything has to be about eggs at Easter time. What about a very decorative votive candle holder in the shape of an egg? Vases and rabbit figurines with an Easter motif add a festive accent throughout the house.

Limited annual edition



Each year we and our designers create a very special Easter collection: The annual easter edition. The Bunny family has been painting children’s Easter eggs for generations. Paul, the youngest and smallest member of the family, also wants to be in on the secret of Easter egg painting. Clumsy as he is, he secretly tries to paint a particularly large Easter egg when he inadvertently knocks over the buckets standing around. He gropes around excitedly in the spilled paint, decorating the special Easter porcelain with his tiny paw prints while doing so.

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