Easter decoration

Decorate your home with some nifty little items

It’s all in the details.

The right Easter decorations create an inviting atmosphere for the Easter holiday. And the best way is to add some original details for a table with a truly festive look. Our Easter accessories, bunny figures, vases, napkins and table decorations complement your festive table and are sure to delight your guests.

Flowers on the table

The vases you put on the table don’t have to be too traditional – the lovely egg-shaped collections from the Spring Decoration collection are also a great way to bring out the beauty of single flowers. Or why not put out some flowers cut from your own garden or picked from a nearby meadow to decorate your table for Easter? Pussywillows are also a great option, of course.

An eye for the details

A fully set table at Easter looks much better with the right dishes and decorations to set the mood. The flower decorations from the Spring Awakening collection instantly create an Easter atmosphere. And flowers from your own garden are the perfect way to accent the whole arrangement.

Decoration tips – step by step

Easter in the country


Place some moss in the glass vessel.


Decorate the moss with colorful flowers. Daffodils or snowdrops are an excellent choice.


Place a small twig over the glass opening. Freshly cut willow or cherry work perfectly.


Attach an Easter egg with a band and clamp to the branch. If you like, you can add additional branches.

Have fun letting your creativity run wild!