Easter decoration

Decorate your home with charming accents

It’s all in the details

The right decorations create an inviting atmosphere for the Easter holiday. Authentic details make things really festive. Our Easter accents, like the rabbit figurines, tealight holders, ornaments and matching table decorations, transform your home into an Easter wonderland that makes your guests feel special.


Every corner wafts with the fragrance of the first messengers of spring. Make a pretty accent between the buds and flowers of your forsythia and ornamental fruit tree branches. The bunny children in the colorful porcelain eggs give guests a cheery greeting and create a happy atmosphere. Discover other elements of our collection New Flower Bells.


Decorative porcelain bunny

The Easter bunny is simply a part of spring. These porcelain Easter bunnies with hand-painted details and little bells are especially pretty as playful table decorations nestled between plate and bowl. The bunny figurines can be easily mixed and matched and make a nice gift.

Floral Easter service

Whether it’s a cozy brunch with loved ones or coffee and cake at tea time: Invite family and friends and make it a feast with our Easter-themed tableware collections. Add color to your table with our playful floral pattern Spring Awakening. Give your Easter ensemble a finishing touch with pretty napkins and nature-inspired decorations.

Make a bunny mandala

Our Spring Awakening Easter collection sports a colorful bunny made of flowers and leaves in soft spring colors. We’ve put together a collection of charming ideas for you to create your own individual Easter decorations using the bunny mandala.

Simply download the bunny image and then create your own individual Easter decorations with it. Ready, go.

Our Easter decoration ideas

Easy to make yourself

Creative Easter decorations

Easy homemade Easter decorations: To do this, place a napkin completely opened onto a surface and fold any corner over the opposite corner to create a triangle. Then roll up the long edge from the bottom towards the top to the half-way point of the triangle. Now place the egg in the centre and enclose it using the rolled-up side. Finally, take a lovely ribbon or yarn and affix both ends of the napkin right over the egg as in our picture. Voilà: the creative Easter decoration is finished.

Easter card with bunny theme

Send personalized Easter greetings to your favorite people. Fold a colored sheet of paper in half and decorate the front half with our original bunny mandala. Or, draw the image yourself: Paint your palm and the index and little fingers with white paint and then carefully press onto the card surface. When the paint dries, add eyes, mouth and nose - and your unique Easter card is finished.

Easter nest on each plate

Decorate each place at your Easter table with charming little details. With a paper or fabric napkin, make a triangle and pinch the lower two tips together with a wooden clothes pin. Place the napkin on a plate and arrange an egg cup with a brightly colored egg in the middle. Finish it with one of our special little mandala bunnies - simply download it from our site, print it and cut it out.

Colorful paper fans

Paper fans in vibrant spring colors create colorful accents. Fold paper like a fan. Pull the ends together to make a circle and fasten with glue or tape. Add an Easter touch to the fans by gluing one of our bunny mandalas in the middle of it. Use other creative Easter-themed ideas for variety and decorate your whole house with decorations made by you.

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