The innocent charm of the North


Untouched expanses covered with snow, stillness and peace - that is white Christmas in Northern Europe. “Hygge” is what the Danish call this special feeling, and it is reflected in their furnishings as well: Pure lines, functional design and geometric shapes with a distinct warmth characterize the Scandinavian style. Our sleek collections in subtle colors give your home the most casual Christmas mood.

Our collection with Scandinavian flair

Casale Blu

• Premium porcelain
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave proof
• 5 patterns / color combinations

Tableware with its own special style

The simple and sophisticated collection Casale Blu works well for many occasions around the year. Its blue and green accents can add a special note to a Scandinavian Christmas. Whether breakfast or dinner, your guests will be delighted by your unconventional tableware arrangement.

A place of honor for gifts

When giving presents is a treat, you’ll need a lot of space. Every present has its place on a shelf with a minimal look.

Purism meets colorful accent

Give gifts and treats with the Villeroy & Boch collection Casale Blu. The pattern combines bright blue, green and neon with pastel tones on pure white. Our glass vases in cool transparent colors go well. Arranged with simple decoration, you can create a feeling of the North in your own living room. Opening presents will be a very special experience.

Decoration tips


Chocolate-covered pear

To match porcelain and interior design, the chocolate
of course isn’t brown, but a creamy white instead.
In perfect harmony with the pear, tiny sugar stars add
the finishing touch to the sweet snack. Matches perfectly
with the Casale Blu saucer – refreshingly different.

Sweet pyramid

Build a pyramid of sweet meringues (or coconut
macaroons) and stick them together with extra
frosting. And your decorations are sure to
get gobbled up one by one. Serve on the
Casale Blu breakfast plate.

Little bundles of goodness

Blanched green asparagus with a slice of smoked
salmon served atop a piece of wholegrain toast
spread with cream cheese and then bundled up
with a chive stalk. And the delectable tapas are
ready! Just perfect for Christmas tea time and
served on the extra large Casale Blu pizza plate.


The blue edge of the Casale Blu saucer is like a sky
for the toast stars. The caviar makes them
truly stand out. A little Christmas poem.

Star appetizers

The baguette dish offers plenty of space for
sandwiches too. The cookie cutters give you a way
to quickly add some variety to afternoon tea time.

Say it with a cookie!

Small gingerbread houses and cookies with Christmas
greetings add a personal touch to any present. For a
surprise after unwrapping: a sweet little goodie attached
by a string to the handle of the La Classica Nuova
mug inside.