Winter and Christmas drinks

The right mugs for tea, coffee and friends.


Baby, it’s cold outside but you can enjoy the welcoming warmth of your house with a delicious hot beverage. We have the perfect mugs and cups and everything to go with them for enjoying popular winter classics like tea, mulled wine and hot chocolate. Enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

Tea, punch or grog

Snow sparkles outside the window. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a hot beverage inside. Make a winter Pomegranate Tea in our Artesano Hot Beverages tea pot. The pretty little stove keeps tea warm as long as you like.

Hot Chocolate

It’s icy cold outside, and winter has turned the world into a magical snowy scene. Make it really cozy inside with a delicious cup of hot chocolate - served in a double-walled mug or cup made of heat insulating glass from the exclusive Artesano Hot Beverages collection.