Floral Christmas wonderland

Dreams of a floral Christmas


These stunning floral creations prove how it’s possible to preserve a Christmas mood even without a tree. The midnight blue tablecloths combined with flower arrangements in violet, purple and pink are a striking table decoration for your table – and are sure to impress any guest. Christmas decorations also perfect for celebrating the New Year.

The prettier the presentation,
the prettier the gifts

A Christmas tree is not a requirement for presenting your gifts. A floating creation made of curved, flower-adorned branches also makes for a festive atmosphere. Add some black straw stars and matt black long candles for a Christmassy decoration. The dishes from the Amazonia and Quinsai Garden collections match harmoniously with your floral decor, offering your Premium Gifts a very special setting.

Floral greetings

The large Samarah dish with its gold ornamentation is another truly beautiful piece of purist design that present the Amaryllis and Ilex as a lavish gift and luxurious decoration. The leaf dish is of course available in various designs to suite every taste.

As an alternative to the traditional Christmas shades, delicate gold and copper tones bring a festive glimmer into your home. The leaf dishes present your Christmas balls in the dish rather than on a tree. Leaves raining down on the wall offer an alternative to the typical poinsettia, ensuring your home remains festively decorated right into the new year.

Popular gift sets

Premium bone china and accents made of genuine platinum with the graphic ornamentation from the La Classica Contura Gifts collection are sure to reward you with the great pleasure of giving. And the best part is that the present can be combined with many other products from the La Classica Contura collection – for the next occasion or simply by the gift recipient themselves.

Delicate flowers on fine china

Decorative flowers on the fine, gently curving shape of the Modern Grace collection make an especially elegant impression. The clean lines and geometric variety of shapes of the plates, cups and dishes deliver timeless elegance and harmony to your table. Floral patterns and lavish table decorations add excitement and ensure a festive setting.



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