Christmas presents

Find the right gift to celebrate the holidays


Christmas is a time to surprise your family and friends with something special – a gift from the heart and that makes the person receiving it really happy. We’ve put together some perfect gift ideas for every taste – and why not add a very special touch by including the person’s favorite chocolates bundled with some decorative flowers.

Classic Christmas presents

For those who love a traditional Christmas, the Toys Delight and Toys Fantasy collections offer decorative dishes and breakfast dishes that make the perfect gift. People really love the yearly tradition of collecting and giving gifts from the Annual Christmas Edition collection. One classic for flower lovers are the Nek, Numa or Oronda vases, which make the perfect gift together with a flower bouquet. The leaf-shaped dishes from the La Classica or Amazonia collections are especially refined and classy. The Gift Collection series includes small presents such as a jewelry boxes or decorative dishes. And for wine lovers there are high-quality wine glasses from the Grand Royal collection.

Modern Christmas presents

Timeless, modern, stylish – for these kinds of gifts, NewWave coffee mugs are perfect. This year you can even find them in the special edition dedicated to Rovaniemi – the home of Santa Claus. For animal lovers, they’re also available with the Animals of the World decorations. The quality gift sets, which include coffee mugs from the Modern Grace collection, offer a wide selection of tableware and decorative items. The Christmas figurines from the Nativity Story collection are perfect under any Christmas tree.

Floral Christmas presents

Everyone loves to receive flowers – especially when they’re in the leaf dish from the Amazonia collection. The Quinsai Garden collection with its attractive floral details is available in a gift set for tea or coffee drinkers. The Rose Cottage items such as the cake plate or cake slice with a cute floral pattern are perfect for cake lovers. The gift items with the colorful Mariefleur and Mariefleur Gris floral decorations are a popular choice.



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