8 9 oNlY WhEN rooMS oFFEr SuFFiCiENt SpaCE iS thE huMaN Spirit aBlE to dEVElop to itS Full potENtial sTeve LeunG interior designer and architect Not MiNiMaliSt But CoNtEMporarY Steve leung is both pleased and dismayed to be called a minimalist he regards himself as contemporary and not tied to any one style after all he designs interiors that are predominantly aimed at pleas ing his customers however contemporary also means taking inno vations one step further in terms of both materials and concepts Villeroy Boch s Squaro product range is made of the innovative material Quaryl and is thus entirely in keeping with this philosophy as Quaryl is cast it enables greater precision in the production of exact and straight edges an almost invisible fitting of whirlpool jets and the smallest possible dimensional tolerances for installation flush with the tiles Steve leung s latest project demon strates that innovations are part of his overall vision he wants to open two restaurants in Causeway Bay before the end of 2010 squaro suPerfLaT shower tray Perfect complement The extremely flat shower tray merges almost invisibly with the floor Thanks to the use of Quaryl the surface is also non slip squaro bath with optional whirlpool system Design aesthetics quality Thanks to the use of Quaryl when installing a whirlpool system the jets can be fitted flush and the material also has soundproofing properties SQuaro loop FriENdS LooP friends undercounter washbasin LooP friends undercounter washbasin Clear forms and elegant surfaces The Loop Friends undercounter washbasins create a pure look and are a key factor in achieving completely flat shelf space

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