36 37 Can you tell us something about My Nature We ve been working on it for more than one year first we developed these delicate curved forms and to realise them we wanted a material that isn t oak or wal nut again We looked for native woods renewable resources from our own land asked what has a good sound and thought of chestnut everybody loves chestnut trees even children know them because of their fruits light wood is becoming popular again as designers we also have to be one step ahead of the market it takes at least another year before the product reaches the wholesaler Does My Nature force an opening between the bathroom and the sleeping area it can also be used in the classical bathroom the smartbench opens it up more that s the way it was designed however the boundaries are becoming increasingly fluid what is the living bathroom the typical picture we have in our heads is looking from the bathroom through the dressing room into the bathroom there still has to be something inbetween people are ok with that however they haven t got the basic idea yet the bed is a bit further away because of the moisture how close does the carpet get to the tiles they think it can t all work but it does work and the products we re producing today have to be able to do everything whether in the 10m2 bathroom or in the living bathroom Is the delicate aspect possible My Nature doesn t have a rim Yes we wanted a very strict edge radius but feared we might have a problem with firing We collaborate very closely with villeroy Boch i simply love working with them in production and technology that s where you appreciate just how difficult this profession is getting a product to look the way you want it to and also being able to is a tremendous achievement The ceramic also shrinks a lot Yes the shrinkage is 30 percent that s a huge amount added to this the material is also de formed it s really alarming And that can t be simulated on the computer no villeroy Boch only does it out of experience in theory if we wanted a straight form the washbasin would have to be curved when it is fired that reinforces the corners they know exactly what the mould has to be like in order to get straight edges So back to your brainstorming What do you do to get a flash of inspiration You have to work on it nothing works without a mean ingful concept the finished product needs to tell a story i tend to walk around with it for days and weeks asking myself what this pro duct is all about it gets to a point where i can almost feel it and feel what s right then i put it down on paper You carry it around with you for a while and then you start to develop it and then we build models in our workshop It s unusual to work with models Don t many people just work with renderings renderings lie and yet unfortunately we still have to do them if you were to say to me now that you need a washbasin i d have an idea and would draw it on the serviette and you also input your imagination however if i say here s the rendering of the washbasin there s nothing there it has no weight or life however great renderings are they now look like photos and yet you still realise that something is wrong with them a dimension is missing that s why we build 1 1 models So you have a more holistic artistic approach to an idea first there s an idea an inspiration and something of this initial inspiration has to remain if i take the idea apart and find out what s important about it in the end this original idea which led us to the actual form is still there Does the fact that such a way of working is encouraged make a dif ference to the quality of the collaboration with Villeroy Boch Yes What makes villeroy Boch special is the tradition the fact that villeroy Boch has existed for so long and the fact that they know what they are doing there are many ceramic manufacturers on the market but only a few brands villeroy Boch is a brand they stand for something they have existed for 260 years and only because they have continued to develop the exciting thing is that they manufacture in house that they have the knowledge in house and that they also have confidence in designers such as us We believe it s important that someone can approach development with freedom and without being restrained by the question of what can actually be manufactured this is why we also collaborate very closely with villeroy Boch We then develop ideas that are not universal the challenge is not make a washbasin but make a washbasin for villeroy Boch that s a completely different task it s more difficult but it also gives us a certain framework they have their own way of doing things When i started working for villeroy Boch the question was always is that a villeroy product unlike in other companies that say that s a product that the market wants this is why they only work with designers that also understand this villeroy approach and the company Mr Conrad thank you for the interesting discussion

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