2 3 Editorial dEar rEadEr Every building is unique Every building has its own story and the second edition of our Signs of Character magazine is dedicated to exactly these stories Whether it is the unique signature of the architect of a new building or the restoration of a historical buil ding we want you to join us in looking both at and behind the façade and in discovering what is so special about each building Whether hotels offices or residential buildings the bathroom is always part of the building s living and working environment We are pleased that products by Villeroy Boch play such a leading role in each of these stories and have an impact on the living and working environments of people all over the world Whatever a building is supposed to say we are convinced that our range provides the right words to enable it to do so and in dialogue with you we continue to expand our range on a daily basis because we continue to aspire to being part of new ideas and projects Yours Maria von Boch

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