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Here’s how to impress your guests with professional coffee preparation

Here’s how! Cold Brew – Preparing ice-cold coffee pleasure:

1. First, mix freshly ground coffee evenly with cold water
in a container that has a lid. (100 g coffee for 1 liter water).
2. The coffee needs to seep in the covered container
at room temperature for at least 12 hours.
3. To serve, pour the
cold brew coffee mixture through a sieve and finish off with a few ice cubes and a straw.

LATTE ART: coffee more beautifully

Latte arts are small works of art in a coffee cup and need to be learned. To present the perfectly made coffee, you need the milk to be the right consistency, a particular pouring technique and the right coffee cup.

The accessories and a lot of practice are also needed in addition to the right technique. The most important foundation for a latte art is the consistency of the milk foam.

Here’s how to make perfect milk foam: Milk should be cold before foaming and not get hotter than 60°C and 70°C during the process. Drain any condensed water from the steam valve and hold the milk nozzle into the pitcher. Now start the steam, holding the nozzle just under the surface of the milk.

As soon as the milk in the pitcher reaches about 40 degrees, switch from the pull phase to the roll phase. This removes the large air bubbles from the milk. To do this, the nozzle is dipped into the milk as deep as possible so that it can be circled through the milk pitcher.

All that’s left is to put the perfected milk foam into the cup. A milk pitcher with a pointed spout is ideal for pouring. Set the pitcher against the cup rim and pour the milk in a fine, continuous stream. As soon as the milk has reached the surface of the coffee, you can start drawing.

To make sure you have enough space for your latte art, you’ll need a coffee cup with a large diameter. Pre-warm the cup so that it stays hot longer and your art work can be admired before drinking the coffee.

Coffee Passion coffee spoon
Coffee Passion coffee spoon
Coffee Passion coffee spoon
For Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

There are countless ways to prepare coffee: Full automatic machine, espresso machine, drip coffee machine, pour-over, etc. Add a coffee grinder and a milk foamer and the coffee pleasure is complete. Villeroy & Boch is an expert on pleasure and the art of living, and always has exactly the right cups for every type of hot beverage. You only need to decide: Coffee or tea?

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