A full-bodied coffee with a firm crema and an excellent taste can be prepared in a variety of ways. But which one do you prefer the most? Do you prefer something strong and stimulating, or rather a more mild version? Do you want something that goes quickly, or do you like to enjoy it, even the preparation? The selection of coffee beans is so large, and makes it even more difficult to choose. Which beans for which type of preparation?

For coffee preparation there are different varieties available. In addition to the classic espresso machine, or the fully automatic machine, there are also other manual ways to make the perfect cup of coffee. Simply try them out yourself to find out which ones suit you and your taste the best.

Espresso dripping from an espresso machine into a Villeroy & Boch cup


  • Fill the lower part of the espresso maker with water
  • Fill the middle part of the espresso maker with coffee
  • Allow to boil
  • Serve

Tips for using an espresso maker

An espresso maker has three parts. Preparation is done on the stove. It does not matter if you use a gas, electric or induction stove top. However, with an induction stove top, it is important to choose an espresso maker that is made of conductive material. Fill the lower part of the espresso maker with water.

Put the ground coffee in the middle part. Make sure that you use freshly ground, medium coarse coffee. Using your own coffee grinder is a good choice because you can control the grind for the coffee beans better. The upper part catches the coffee when it is pressed upward under pressure. You can remove the upper part and immediately serve the freshly brewed coffee.

The name “espresso maker” is somewhat misleading: The pot can be used for making more than just espresso. You can also prepare classic coffee this way. We recommend using the right coffee cups for full coffee enjoyment.

NewWave coffee/tea cup
NewWave coffee/tea cup
NewWave coffee/tea cup
Coffee Passion coffee/tea cup & saucer
Coffee Passion coffee/tea cup & saucer
Coffee Passion coffee/tea cup & saucer


  • Boil water
  • Remove lid of French press coffee maker and fill with coffee grind
  • Pour hot water over and allow to seep 4 minutes
  • Cover and push the stem down to the bottom
  • Serve

Tips for making French press coffee

This is a very basic way to make coffee. There are many kinds of French press coffee makers that come in different sizes and styles and volumes - for up to 6 people. There are special models that require an additional serving pot or cup. The difference here to common French press coffee makers is that the coffee is filtered again so that no coffee grind remains in the final coffee.

Person putting coffee grind into a filter cone

Preparing coffee with an espresso machine

The espresso machine is the easiest but also most expensive way of making coffee. You can choose among many different brands. Espresso machines are also called fully automatic coffee makers. They can make classic coffee or various coffee specialties as well as espresso. An espresso machine brews fresh coffee one-cup at a time. That why it is only useful to a limited extent for larger gatherings. Fill the espresso machine with water and coffee beans. Depending on the model, you can brew one or two cups at the same time using cappuccino cups.

Many models also let you use pre-ground coffee. But that is not recommended because connoisseurs can taste the difference. In addition, using pre-ground coffee isn’t even necessary because many machines are equipped with an integrated coffee grinder. The beans that are used for coffee preparation are ground just before being brewed. Only the small amount of coffee needed for the coffee specialty are freshly ground.

Espresso machines are able to produce a wonderful coffee with a firm crema because of the higher number of bar, i.e., higher pressure. This is especially true for machine that are very high-quality. You can find a large variety of espresso machines in different price classes. When testing them, it is obvious that spending a little more money on a really good one is worthwhile. The quality of the coffee increases with the value of the coffee machine. Very economical models can also have a lot of functionality. However, those who know will notice the difference between simple and expensive coffee preparation. 

Because espresso machines are very sturdy, long-lasting and reliable, it is worth buying a high-quality machine if you are a connoisseur and want to drink high-quality Italian coffee at home as well as in a restaurant. Operating the modern machines is easy and self-explanatory so that, even as a ‘fledgling barista’, you will be able to handle it well.

Is there such a thing as healthy coffee preparation?

Coffee is a stimulant. The basic prerequisite for wholesome coffee is the coffee bean. Every method of preparing coffee has a different way of handling the coffee bean. The quality, the smoothness and the portion of toxins in the coffee depend on the conditions of the coffee cultivation, how it is transported and how it is processed. These indicators significantly influence the taste of delicious coffee.Coffee should be enjoyed in moderation. The roasting process does not make coffee easily digestible for everyone because prepared coffee is considered acid-forming. But even people with a sensitive stomach can enjoy coffee if the following advice is taken into account:

  • Organic coffee is generally smoother
  • Cold-brewed coffee is healthier and has less acid
  • Coffee should have little acrylamides
  • Coffee should be taken black
  • Coffee is most easily digestible through proprietary or slow roasting

Studies have shown that pour-over coffee contains the lowest amount of unhealthy substances, which means this is the healthiest way to make coffee. Ideally, coffee made from grinds produced from slow-roasted or proprietary roasted beans should be consumed black. To be certain that your own coffee not only tastes good but is healthy as well, be sure to ask about the coffee beans, especially when buying from small coffee roasters. Small coffee roasters value coffee beans from organic cultivation, fair trade, and with a high bean quality.

Conscientious coffee drinking naturally also includes using sustainable coffee to-go cups. Our reusable and plastic-free coffee mugs let you always have your favorite beverage at hand.

There are aficionados who swear on coffee preparation by hand. Others routinely use a French press coffee maker, while many choose a modern espresso machine. Try out different variations to choose the best and right coffee preparation for you.

Take your time - because coffee is a pleasure!

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