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Statistically, the average American drinks more than one and a half cups of coffee a day. The aromatic beverage is loved more than water or beer, and is also idea for pleasing guests. Learn here how the unspectacular coffee cherry can release more than 800 different aromas through the processes of harvesting, processing and roasting. And also why the earth and climate are particularly important in growing coffee.

We have also brought together a collection of coffee trends from around the world for you. Take a look over your filtered coffee and discover new worlds of coffee - such as the particularly aromatic cold brew appreciated by coffee lovers.

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How do you like your coffee the best? Freshly brewed as filter coffee or rather as an espresso? With a lot of milk as a cafe au lait, or as a latte machiato? We present you the various types here in detail and give you tips on how to make a perfect cup of coffee.

Do you want to treat your guests to something very special? Then we have exactly the right thing for you: Become a passionate barista and present your guests special creations that will even impress filter-coffee connoisseurs. Cold or warm, with milk or without: Discover how varied coffee can taste.

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Enjoy it with friends in a sociable setting or alone in a moment of quiet and relaxation. Let the aroma and taste carry you away as you experience an enjoyable moment with coffee, just the way you like to drink it.