Soup Passion

Sophisticated soup bowls with extras

Soups are loved the world over and are as diverse as countries themselves. Each country serves its soup differently - the Japanese prefer a lot of fresh side ingredients, the Spanish like their soup cold, and the Germans are happy with one bowl for everything. So it’s perfect that Soup Passion has the right bowl for every taste.


Oven-proof tureen with notch for soup ladle

Soup tureen with lid is ideal for serving any kind of soup - whatever its origin. The large tureen is especially suited for large quantities such as party soups. The small tureen is just enough for one portion. Both of them have practical side handles.

Keeps things warm longer

Soup stays warmer longer with a lid –
and a notch for the soup ladle



Side handles make it easy to transport
soup - from oven to table


Pleasure to the last spoonful

Whether broth, cream soup or hearty stew - every good soup needs the right garnish or side dish. The soup bowl is perfectly designed for serving and utterly enjoying both together. The sloped bottom of the larger bowl makes the soup pool at one end - even the last spoonful can be enjoyed. The smaller bowl with the ergonomic handle is ideal for bread, fresh herbs or other tasty garnishes.

Side dishes

The smaller bowl is ideal for side dishes such as bread –
convenient thanks to its ergonomic shape


Ladle it out

Thanks to the sloped bottom, every
last bit of the soup can be enjoyed


With a tray for chopsticks and spoon


Very handy for serving the soup bowls


Casual soup pleasure with Asian style

Cutlery tray

With notched edge for holding
chopsticks or Asian spoon


Ideal for appetizers or miso soup

For those who love Asian soups, the Asia bowl with lid is perfect. Chopsticks and spoon fit right with the matching serving tray and notched bowl. Any Asian garnishes, such as tofu or coriander, can be neatly served on the lid. Plus the soup stays warmer longer. Soup tastes doubly delicious.


Fitted lids that can hold soup garnishes or
toppings - keeps soup warmer longer


Cutlery tray

With notched edge for holding
chopsticks or Asian spoon


Everything for soup lovers

Soup Passion soup tureen
Soup Passion soup tureen
Soup Passion soup tureen
Soup Passion chopsticks
Soup Passion chopsticks
Soup Passion chopsticks