Quinsai Garden

Natural flower and paisley patterns – inspired by Marco Polo's favorite city

In Marco Polo's footsteps

With this new design, Villeroy & Boch takes you inside the opulent world of the Orient to Quinsai, Marco Polo's favorite city at the far end of the Silk Road. No other destination he discovered during his travels received as many euphoric accolades from the Venetian merchant's son as the former capital of the southern Song Dynasty. Discover the beauty of lush exotic flowers and let the new design Quinsai Garden delight you with its charm and magnificence.

A true work of art

Like all Villeroy & Boch designs, the new Quinsai Garden premium bone china collection was created with harmony in mind. This décor deliberately forgoes any unnecessary hints of opulence. Instead, Marco Polo's travels are represented by a contemporary, subtle paisley pattern. The dinner plates of the Quinsai Garden collection are so much more than fine porcelain tableware; they are also a work of art that can be arranged into a picture that pulls everything together highlighting the floral beauty of the collection.

Quinsai - the most magnificent city in the world

Marco Polo described Quinsai, the modern-day Hangzhou, as by far the most glorious city of its time: “Its size spans more than a hundred miles, and ships can pass underneath 12,000 bridges.” According to Marco Polo's records, the wealth of the merchant class and the volumes of precious commodities that were traded here were hard to describe. “Only the most beautiful items and the finest wines are brought there. The mind and desires of the people of Quinsai are only on their comfort and their physical well-being.”

A sea of flowers with deeper meaning

In the magnificent gardens of Quinsai, nothing was left to chance – each blossom and plant that was displayed had a deeper meaning, which is reflected in this bone china collection's graceful décor. The peony stands for wealth and nobility. The camellia symbolizes generosity. The magnolia honors the emperor and pays special respect to all beautiful women. And the chrysanthemum symbolizes perseverance, bravery and a long life.

Quinsai Garden

Quinsai Garden takes you to the fascinating world of the Orient. The design is inspired by the magnificent flowers of the gardens of Quinsai, the most glorious city along the Silk Road. Each of the flowers that is depicted has a deeper meaning and adds a touch of enchantment to your table setting. In combination with the tender paisley patterns, Quinsai Garden becomes a synthesis of the arts that is both beautiful and graceful.