Casale Blu

A fascinating interplay of colors in the Majolica style

Colors and shapes from the heart of Italy

The new Casale Blu design from Villeroy & Boch evokes images of decorations from the heart of Italy. The subtle blue color and reduction to simple graphical elements is reminiscent of traditional ceramics in the Majolica style, for which the Umbrian town of Deruta has been known since the 12th century. Here in the mountains and valleys of the Apennines, porcelain is still being painted by hand, with certain patterns dating back to the Renaissance painter Raffael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino – 1483-1520).

Unpretentious cuisine, yet
poor people food with truffles

Umbria’s natural and authentic cuisine is based on the region's primarily agricultural roots. In the old days, its dishes were considered poor people food, in spite of the fact that most meals included truffles. Today, these fine mushrooms are served as sides with pasta and used as a filling for roast lamb or rabbit dishes. Savory meals served on Casale Blu dinnerware turn family dinners into special events.

Plates, cups, and a vase for the Ficus tree

At the height of its ceramics production period, Deruta was the supplier for nearly all regions and major cities in Italy. The town's products were particularly widespread throughout the province of Umbria. This is partially due to the fact that the town had been given the privilege of paying regional taxes in porcelain products. To this day, the Deruta design patterns are associated with the lifestyle of the rural and hard-working people of Central Italy.


Mix & match to create
your custom set

A unique feature of the Casale Blu collection is the option to mix and match its pieces. Depending on your personal taste, you can combine the primary blue décor with the pattern variations “Alda,” “Bella,” Carla” and Dorina,” or with the white Artesano Original collection. This creates a variety of possible combinations that add flair to every table by following the modern trend of mixing prints and patterns. Stunning effects can also be achieved by combining coffee cups and saucers with different patterns – a fitting table setting for presenting the irresistible desserts of the Italian cuisine.

Casale Blu –
Celebrate natural living with family and friends

Casale Blu symbolizes the Italian way of life outside of the metropolises such as Rome or Milan. The décor represents a connection to nature and evokes pictures of family or friends gathered around an elaborately set table to enjoy rustic dinners cooked with wholesome ingredients.