The perfect table setting with Maria von Boch

The style expert on table decor, hosting, good guests and great gifts

Hospitality deluxe

Maria von Boch is among the most sought-after hostesses in the country and represents an exceptional blend of exquisite taste and relaxed hospitality that is second to none. From elegant summer parties in exceptional park settings to charity events and formal business dinners in New York or traditional family get-togethers, Maria von Boch is known for charming her guests with flair, class and style.

Understatement on the table

With natural materials and a few strategically placed highlights, minimalist-chic table settings are the latest trend. The best part: It doesn’t take much for you to incorporate this style in your own home. One way is to pair our Manufacture Rock dinnerware with the Manufacture silverware. The slate-style dishes and the unique copper-colored cutlery will create an eye-catching contrast that makes your table pop.

An interview with Maria von Boch

Of good guests and contingency plans

My two favorite hostess gifts

For her: Beautiful flowers with a modern vase in a unique design.
Our new addition Manufacture Swirl makes the perfect gift.

Coming soon!

For him: Premium espresso beans and an elegant cup.
Coffee Passion Awake – espresso cups that combine style and functionality.

Coming soon!