Discover the wonderful world of Soup Passion and let the
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In winter we like to warm ourselves from the inside out with hot soups from far away places. Let's take a journey through exotic spices and ancient vegetables. Our new favorite ingredients from Vietnam, Japan, Great Britain, France and Germany give these dishes their customary taste, boost immune systems and makes us healthy and fit for the cold season. Discover flavor worlds that will make you dream.

Pho Soup

Miso Soup

Pea Soup
Great Britain


Vegetable Soup

Vietnam – Pho Soup

Healthy comfort

Healthy, healthier, Vietnamese cuisine The wok is the utensil of choice here. It is used to steam, braise or fry in a little vegetable oil everything from fresh vegetables and fish (from the sea to the front door, there is always fresh seafood everywhere) to meat. To get the maximum aroma, the seasonings are roasted in the wok first. Usually that includes ginger, garlic, chili peppers and lemon grass which boost the immune system and kill bad bacteria. The national dish is Pho. The flat rice noodle soup from street vendor cookshops is slurped all day long (for about 50 cents) on the sidewalks. Due to the fourth emperor, Tu Duc, from the Nguyen dynasty who governed Vietnam from 1847 to 1883, the country now counts more than 500 different dishes in its traditional cuisine. Most of those are served with rice and topped with various fresh herbs such as basil, coriander, parsley and mint. And never missing: one of the many types of fish sauces. The main ingredient is fish that has been fermented about 12 months. It’s worth tasting!

Enjoy your soup relaxing
on the sofa

The practical ceramic tray can carry even the largest bowl and still have room for everything we like for garnishing our soup. In the Asia bowl, both spoons or chopsticks can be easily placed in the grooves. That's relaxing pleasure!


Moments of well-being

It doesn’t always have to be sushi. Japan has much more to offer. The classic miso soup, for example, with fresh seaweed, tofu and miso (a fermented soy bean paste). With added seafood, vegetables and naturally rice, this dish is one of the staples for the islands. And it is working out well for the Japanese: they have they longest life expectancy in the world! But Japan is not just the pragmatic working class cuisine. Spending a lot of money at a noble restaurant (Tokyo has more stars than Paris) is well-looked upon. Nothing represents Japanese haute cuisine better than Kaiseki. Everything in Kaiseki is about the quality and taste of the ingredients and the plating - exquisite tableware and aesthetic arrangement - of the small delicacies. Don’t forget a favorite in the Japanese food culture: the most expensive beef in the world, from the Kōbe region. Kobe beef from the Tajima steer has a unique strong marbling and - very healthy - the smallest amounts of saturated fats. The strict quality standards are responsible for the high prices (400 to 600 euros per kilo). But, treat yourself once in a while!

This is a Zen feeling!

The Asia bowl with lid is the ideal accompaniment for anyone who likes to choose toppings slowly. Everything stays fresh and crispy in the compartments of the lid. Furthermore, the soup is kept nice and warm. Spoon or chopsticks are simply placed on the grooves or on the ceramic tray. That way everything is always handy and you can think about your enjoyment.

GREAT BRITAIN - Pea Soup with Extra Bacon

London calling

The British cuisine is in transition. Even chefs like Jamie Oliver, who was famous for his hearty - and very delicious - recipes which weren’t shy on the butter, cream and fat, now dedicates his new book to superfoods. But national dishes such as fish and chips, Sunday roast or chicken Tikka Masala remain loved and shape the cuisine in Great Britain. There is a difference, however, between the cuisines of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, even though these may be small, and heavy foods predominate. As always, balance is decisive. The best is to combine comfort foods with a few superfoods. Like the New British Cuisine. It uses high quality ingredients and interprets traditional recipes in innovative ways. Such as the pea soup with extra bacon. We think it’s great!


A pleasure for je-ne-sais-quoi at home

The culture of pleasure is celebrated nowhere as much as in France. The land of wine and cheese (of which there are more than 400 kinds). Because the French court was considered the cultural leader in the 17th and 18th centuries, French cuisine was much preferred in all the noble houses of Europe. ‘Haute cuisine’ was then discovered a hundred years later. The upper class was united in its view: The emphasis was to be clearly on pleasure when it came to eating. No wonder that heavy sauces like béchamel are just as influential in French cuisine as the eclaires, coq au vin and quiche. We present a super-healthy, yet completely authentic dish: bouillabaisse, a fish soup. Bouillabaisse is a specialty from Provence that was first prepared by fisher families in the 18th century. Serve it with traditional baguette and ‘rouille’ – a piquant garlic sauce similar to mayonnaise. A glass of chardonnay to go with it and: la vie est belle!

Simply marvelous

The perfect soup ladle fits between the handles of the large tureen for four. Everything can be easily carried in one trip. The small tureen for one is an extraordinary alternative to a bowl and can easily be held in one hand by the handle without burning fingers. For extraordinary, stylish soup pleasure – alone or with guests!


Soup power

Germany, and especially Berlin, is very advanced when it comes to healthy food. From one ‘bio’ juice bar, you can already see the next one further down. Always searching for the next superfood. Crispy vegetable soups with fresh herbs and healthy garnishes are the perfect choice during the cold season. Pomegranate seeds contain high levels of anti-oxidants which fight stress and, combined with vitamin C and E, act as a natural anti-aging agent. But, in spite of the health-consciousness of its inhabitants, the capital’s original charm remains: Currywurst, Königsberger Klopse or potato soup with little sausages are never out of style here. Our version is a combination of traditional and modern!

Real multitaskers

The large soup bowl comes with an extra bowl. The entire bowl is not only easy to carry with its indented handle which stays cool, it is also perfect for bread, salad or other garnishes for the soup. That makes things easy and relaxed when eating at the office.