Rosemary Shrub

Ingredients (punch for 4 people):

250 ml dark, high-quality rum
100 ml white wine vinegar
250 g raw sugar
250 ml non-carbonated water
250 g fresh raspberries
5 rosemary twigs
4 long strips of orange peel
400 ml Tonic or sparkling wine/champagne to top off
ice cubes


Singe the rosemary twigs over a Bunsen Burner and then mix with the rum, vinegar, raw sugar and water. Fill a large glass bowl with it and add the raspberries. Allow to sit at room temperature for at least three hours. Add ice cubes to a longdrink glass, pour over with the mixture, and then add Tonic or sparkling wine as desired. Garnish with a strip of orange peel and a rosemary twig.

Scotch Whisky carafe
Scotch Whisky carafe
Scotch Whisky carafe