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Linzer Cookies
Marinated Tonda di Chioggia beetroot
Baked apple
Lamb shoulder with roasted cauliflower
Chocolate & cherry Swiss roll
Saddle of venison with cranberry sauce
Spanish Turrones
Gingerbread Men
Pointed cabbage with pomegranate seeds
Christmas tree marble cake
Celery root soup with balsamic vinegar and cress
Zander fried on the skin recipe - Villeroy & Boch
Sugar Cookie Dough
Christmas stollen
Chickpea spread (hummus)
Chocolate Bundt Cake
Marbled, raspberry, sour cream ice cream
Italian Orange Cookies
Mini gingerbreads
Vanilla Kifli
Thumbprint cookies
Recipe Spekulatius Almond Cakepops
Hot Chili Chocolate with Cream - Villeroy & Boch
Cup Cakes
Recipe Kola & Knäck – Caramel Toffee
Honey Gingerbread Cookies
Christmas Cup Cakes
Luscious chocolate tart
Rosemary Shrub
Vitamin Overkill
Crystal Mint
Braised Leg of Lamb
Rosemary Potatoes
Rice pudding with stewed cherries
Salad with pear, Gorgonzola and caramelised walnuts
Advent Gugelkupf - Villeroy & Boch
Recipe Ginger Cookies - Villeroy & Boch
Recipe Coconut Cakepops - Villeroy & Boch
Recipe Mulled wine - Villeroy & Boch
Recipe Winter Pomegranate Tea - Villeroy & Boch
White Chocolate With Cinnamon Cream
Fig and pear marmelade
White Christmas Snowflake Cookies
Chocolate Mousse
Shortcrust pastry Easter cookies with sugar icing
Puff pastry bunnies with scrambled eggs
Spring pasta
Little rabbit pastries
Rainbow Quinoa Bowl
Three different black & white canapés
Kiwi Cheese Cake
Recipe for grilled octopus
Potato stacks with Israeli carrot salad
Fried corn poulard
Kung Pao Shrimp
Oma’s Easter Wreath
Layered walnut cake with raspberries
Goat-Cheese-Spinach Salad with Summer Berries
Poppy-seed Braid Recipe
Smoothie Bowl
Avocado Sandwich with Red Beet Hummus
Red Beet Falafel and Mixed Salad
Orange Bundt Cake
London Mule
Apple Tart
Easter Bunny Pancake Recipe
Sweet Potato Mango Soup Recipe
Mango Sorbet in Bright Cones
Roasted chicken in serrano ham
Vegetable Quiche Recipe
Quick Snack Snails
Fish Tacos with Pineapple-Cucumber Salsa
Sweet Potatoes Slices with Chimichurri
Quinoa Buddah Bowl
Sweet Bowl
Muffins with cream cheese
Noodle Casserole with Pecorino
Baked Sweet Potatoes
Baked goat cheese
Mini brioche rolls
Mascarpone cream cake
Almond Bundt cake
Tomato Quiche
Waffles with Fresh Fruit
Lussekatter buns - Villeroy & Boch
Asian Breakfast Bowl recipe
Banana Bread Porridge Bowl recipe
Italian Power Bowl recipe
Shakshuka Bowl recipe
Mexican Quinoa Bowl recipe
lemon cake
Apple-blackberry tart
Apple Tart
Recipe Cava Sangria
Pizza Crust
Egg & cress croissant
Peanut Muesli Cake
Grain bread
Hazelnut-Almond Chocolate Cookies
Veal Fillet with Walnut-Parsley
Caramel-Butter salted cream
Recipe Fennel salad with sardines and capers
Salmon ceviche
Mini Doughnuts
Carrot-Parsnip Terrine
Oolong iced tea with Peach-Syrup
Panna Cotta
Rose Darjeeling Bellini
Chicken Saté
Chocolate spoon
Sesame rice cakes with Crayfish Cocktail
Tomato marmelade
Traditional ginger iced tea
Vegan hummus
Onion-Walnut-Cranberry Bread
Boar sausages
Lamb Cutlets
Suckling pig roast
Grill skewers
Meringue hearts
Crème de caramel
Cinnamon roll
Green asparagus and mango salad
Green smoothie
Vegetarian summer rolls
Frisée wild herb salad
Italian Burger
Fresh berries
Scallop tartar
Perfect porridge
Honey Dip
Beans on Toast
Gambas al ajillo
Vegetable Quiche with Goat Cheese
Herb roll
Pa amb oli
Coca de Trampo
Paella de peces
Piementos al horno
Rocio‘s bread
Tarte de Chocolate
Proscuitto chicken
Rhubarb jelly
Raspberry cheesecake ice-cream
Zucchini mango appetizers
Rosemary serrano sticks
Spaghetti in olive oil
Rack of lamb
Sour cream pound cake
Spiced red cabbage "Rödkål"
Tjälknöl made with lamb
Pepparkakor-Ginger biscuits
autumnal leaf salad
Forest mushrooms
Pheasant breast
Crème brûlée
Half lobster
Fried lobster
Gratin of oysters
Swiss roll with raspberry cream
rhubarb crumble muffins
Rice Krispies
Strawberry cake
Hummingbird-ish Cake
Mille feuille