Pizza, pasta, and passion!

Great food and quality ingredients for a tasty, rustic Italian meal

An old farm house, the sunset, a glass of wine, and the warm aroma of colorful, sun ripened ingredients: that’s Italy, and the secret behind this country’s delectable cuisine. No meal is complete without fresh vegetables, local cheese, or flavorful olive oil. Let us take you on a culinary journey through the art of simple, traditional Italian cooking: a feast for your eyes and your taste buds...

Making pizza together allows you to cater to different taste preferences. Simply divide your pizza in any number of sections and allow people to decorate their own pieces. Adding toppings together is fun, and everyone gets to enjoy their favorite pizza.

A perfect Tuscan style pizza

with pesto, sundried tomatoes, ricotta cheese, and eggplant

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Homemade tagliatelle

The perfect pizza dough

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The art of perfect pasta

No food is as popular or eaten as frequently as pasta –– you never get tired of it.

These dishes may sound simple, but the authentic, natural energy of each individual ingredient creates a special experience for the taste buds. For instance, homemade tomato sauce has 30 percent more lycopene than store-bought products, providing an additional boost for the immune system.

“Eating and drinking brings people together to enjoy life and living with others.”

Those who eat better, live better.

It's time for a delicious plate of pasta.

Pasta Passion

Spaghetti plate set

Pasta Passion

Pasta plate set

Pasta Passion

Serving bowl

Think classic tomato sauce is boring? Turn it into something new and exciting with a few simple tricks. Enhance plain tomato sauce by adding your favorite chopped vegetables. If you are a pesto lover, create a savory, summer-fresh pesto by mixing spinach, pine nuts, and olive oil.