BBQ 2017

Discover this season’s decorating tips and grilling recipes!

Our stylist reveals the secret to turning any space into a hip oasis for grilling with a relaxing vacation vibe

And since her passion for decorating is only equaled by her cooking skills, she also dished up some crowd-pleasing recipes.
That way, your next backyard BBQ is bound to be a success!

Tip 1

“Add a variety of plants.”

Even if you are in the middle of a green garden: Create the perfect ambiance for your BBQ party by placing some bamboo, lemon, and orange trees in wood, clay, or woven basket planters. Light concrete containers also are very in right now and add an urban touch. For instance, different little pots with fresh herbs look pretty and taste delicious!

Tip 3

“Set the mood with carefully arranged lights.”

Whether you want a modern or a Moroccan look: Lanterns made of glass and wood add some Mediterranean flair, even when it’s sunny out. Once evening falls, string lights in pale pastel colors perfectly complement the soft candle light. You’ll have mood-setting lights flickering until late at night.

Tip 4

“Indulge with style”

We have collected unique and tasty grilling recipes to help you turn your next BBQ party into an unforgettable event. Wow your BBQ guests with these delicious recipes. Try it!

Pulled Pork is totally in

Slow-cooked, super tender pork is in and it is always a hit. The delicate aromatic difference comes from the rub made of fresh herbs and spices. Notes of cumin, rosemary, whiskey and maple syrup, paired with melt-in-your-mouth meat, create a lasting impression...

Grilled Pears for an original finale

The typical dessert, especially in summer, is ice cream. If you want to offer your guests something special, make grilled pears for them: Just drizzle the pear halves with lemon, grill briefly, and then sprinkle with a mixture of sugar and poppy seed. A dab of butter really brings out the flavor.

Herb oil, ketchup and more

Without different sauces and oils, grilling just isn’t grilling. And homemade condiments add even more flavor! Nothing tastes more like a vacation in the Mediterranean than this quick sardine-caper oil. Even the herb oil is delicious and made within 5 minutes. And our Berry Ketchup recipe will thrill even your youngest guests. Try it today!

Mango Chutney for an extra kick

With fragrant pineapple and lime juice and the spiciness of chili, ginger and curry, this Mango Chutney is a true taste explosion. Important: Only use mangoes that are fully ripe. Put up multiple jars while you are at it: the chutney goes with everything and is a great hostess gift.