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SlimSeat toilet seat from Villeroy & Boch

Comfort, function and quality

The SlimSeat from Villeroy & Boch offers outstanding comfort. This toilet seat has an impressive purist design and filigree lines as well as pleasant seating comfort and technical finesse. The SlimSeat toilet seat combines clever functionality, simple installation and perfect hygiene to create an excellent solution for modern bathrooms.

Villeroy & Boch toilet seats are made of high quality Duroplast and have covered stainless steel hinges. The smooth, dirt resistant materials are long-lasting and easy to clean. Another advantage is the low weight of the Duroplast plastic. The toilet seat will complete your bathroom in white or pergamon. To have a correctly fitting shape, the shape and size of the toilet bowl is determining. The Villeroy & Boch product range includes both square and oval, elongated toilet seats. The correct size of the new toilet seat can be derived from the width of the bowl and the distance between the front edge of the bowl and the fixing holes. With a perfect toilet seat, these values are approximately the same. Finally, pay attention to the hinge distance so that you can mount the SlimSeat. If you purchase a Villeroy & Boch toilet seat from the same series as your previous toilet seat, it is not necessary to check the fit.

With the QuickRelease technology of a Villeroy & Boch toilet seat, you easily have optimal hygiene in your bathroom. The toilet seat can be removed from the bowl in one motion and reattached after cleaning. Places that are otherwise difficult to reach and the toilet rim can be conveniently cleaned. Only use mild or neutral cleaning agents for toilet seats made of plastic such as Duroplast. Do not use anything with chlorine, scouring powder or caustic cleaning agents. Do not let abrasive toilet cleaners come into contact with the material. Leave the cover and toilet seat up until the cleaning agent has completely rinsed away. If a bit of toilet bowl cleaner should get on the toilet seat, it must be rinsed off with clear water. Use a soft cloth to dry the lid, toilet seat and hinges well after cleaning to avoid rust.

The SlimSeat toilet seat from Villeroy & Boch is equipped with a series of technical sophistication. Greatest efficiency in installation can be achieved easily and quickly, especially when combined with the innovative SupraFiX 2.0 toilet wall attachment. The construction already has a pre-installed damper. Villeroy & Boch guarantees stable installation for its toilet seats. We pay attention to your comfort and meet the highest expectations. The toilet seat provides outstanding comfort. Noise-damping buffers and our SoftClosing mechanism allow the toilet lid to close gently and silently. This preserves the material of the lid, and no family member can accidentally jam a finger.

Never force a SoftClosing toilet lid closed. That damages the high-quality quiet-close mechanism. The toilet seat load is 240 kilograms, which exceeds the standard maximum load of 175 kilograms. In addition, you received a 10 year warranty under the warranty conditions for a Villeroy & Boch SlimSeat toilet seat. This SlimSeat ultra-flat toilet seat is available in a futuristic wrap-over or sandwich design. The delicate look of the toilet seat will fit in with your bathroom design harmoniously. The integrated technical quiet-close mechanisms are hidden so that you enjoy the perfect look.