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Toilets from Villeroy & Boch

Elegant design and seating comfort.

Toilets from Villeroy & Boch
Elegant design and seating comfort.

Choose superior cleanliness and maximum comfort

These days toilets offer much more than basic functionality. Modern toilets offer the best of style, comfort, hygiene and functionality. You can't go wrong with a beautifully designed toilet from Villeroy & Boch. Explore our various styles and find the perfect fit for your bathroom and your needs.


Easy cleaning, excellent hygiene and maximum functionality –
Villeroy & Boch toilets are reliable in every aspect. Discover our premium models in various designs.

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Toilet seats

Our beautiful toilet seats are designed to create a uniform look with the reliable toilets from Villeroy & Boch. They feature impressive practical functions and convenient extras.

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Hygienic and economical – the innovative toilets by Villeroy & Boch

Less water consumption, fewer chemicals, shorter cleaning time – toilets and urinals by Villeroy & Boch are market leaders in terms of efficiency. Their innovative technologies and features set new benchmarks in hygiene, cleaning efficiency, flushing performance and water consumption. A worthwhile investment for your wallet and the environment.


The innovative AntiBac surface has been proven to reduce the growth of bacteria by more than 99.9% and thus provides long-lasting protection from germs in the bathroom. The anti-bacterial properties are integrated in the ceramic components and toilet seats, allowing you to use less cleaning product.


The CeramicPlus surface finish helps keep ceramics sanitary and makes cleaning easier – while using less water and less cleaning product. Dirt and limescale have a hard time sticking to the surface and flow off with the liquids for a quick clean.


The rimless DirectFlush toilets facilitate quick and thorough cleaning. The entire bowl is flushed clean without splashing – and with minimized water consumption.

Saving water is as easy as pushing a button

With only 3.5 liters per flush, the Omnia GreenGain toilet uses 40% less water than regular toilets while providing the same flushing power. Using the economy button reduces water consumption even further to only 2 liters (0.5 gal) per flush.

AquaReduct reduces the normal amount of water used during flushing from 6 liters (1.6 gal) to a mere 4.5 liters (1.2 gal). This means saving 1.5 l (nearly 1/3 gal) of water with every flush, without compromising flushing power.

How to find the perfect toilet for your bathroom

Wall-mounted or floor-mounted? Siphonic toilet or wash-down toilet? Tall toilet or comfort toilet? There is an endless variety of styles and models, but not every option is suitable for every construction project. Villeroy & Boch helps you navigate your options. Find out now which toilet is most appropriate for your bathroom and your needs.

Wall-mounted or floor-mounted – what are the differences?

Wall-mounted toilets

The toilet is mounted directly to the wall without touching the floor. The tank is concealed inside the wall, with only the face plate visible. The biggest advantage of wall-mounted toilets is that the floor underneath the toilet is easy to clean. In addition, the toilet can be mounted higher than usual to create a more comfortable fit for tall persons. Wall-mounted toilets come in a large variety of designs and are perfect for modern bathrooms.

Floor-mounted toilets

Pedestal toilets are a cost-effective option, particularly for renovation projects and old buildings. The tank is mounted to the toilet in plain view, which means no extensive drywall construction is required. Many buildings have drain holes in the floor, which makes installing a wall-mounted toilet impossible. In this case, pedestal toilets that drain into the floor are the perfect solution. Modern Villeroy & Boch models are available in beautiful designs that look particularly pleasing in bathrooms with a more classic theme.

Wash-down toilets

In wash-down toilets, excretions land on a "shelf" before being washed down into the water during flushing. This leads to slightly more odor development, but makes it easier to take stool samples. This flushing mechanism is available for wall-mounted and floor-mounted models.

Siphonic toilets

In siphonic toilets, excretions fall directly into the water and are enclosed by liquid. This usually eliminates the need to use a toilet brush. Siphonic toilets are an elegant and hygienic solution that promotes minimal odor development. This common flushing mechanism is available for floor-mounted models.

Would you like to learn more about design options for your bathroom? Your local Villeroy & Boch dealer is there the help.
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Sit in comfort with Villeroy & Boch

Toilets can be comfortable, too. But what does seating comfort mean to you? Do you like to sit higher, or do you find a lower position more comfortable? Are you comfortable on a wider model, or are you looking for a convenient solution for your barrier-free bathroom? Villeroy & Boch offers a large selection of toilets in various heights, sizes and designs to increase your comfort level in the bathroom. Our high-quality toilet seats, designed to match each of our models, further add to your seating comfort.

Toilet seats

From the ergonomic ComfortSeat, to our ultra-thin designs such as SlimSeat and SlimSeat Line, to classic toilet seats – all models by Villeroy & Boch are custom fit to match the shapes, colors and dimensions of our toilets and impress with superior quality, practical functions and clever extras.

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Tall toilets

A higher seat makes sitting down and standing up easier, especially for tall persons, seniors, and people with limited mobility.

Comfort toilets

The long, wide shape of our XL toilets ensures a comfortable fit for everyone. Combined with the matching toilet seat that features more surface space, they offer a high degree of seating comfort.

Compact toilets

These models are known for their compact profile. They have a very small footprint, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms.

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Elongated toilets

Elongated toilets offer even more seat surface. They are an ideal solution for people who use wheelchairs, as they make it easy to move from wheelchair to toilet.