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Bidets from Villeroy & Boch

Enjoy a clean and hygienic experience with added comfort in your bathroom

Bidets from Villeroy & Boch
Enjoy a clean and hygienic experience with added comfort in your bathroom

A bidet is the perfect complement to your toilet, allowing for optimal cleanliness and hygiene after using the bathroom facilities. Villeroy & Boch offers you a large selection of wall-mounted and floor-mounted bidets in designs that perfectly match our toilets. Read on to learn about the benefits of bidets and find the perfect one for your bathroom.

Reasons for including a bidet in your bathroom.

Bidets are commonly found in Europe, particularly in Mediterranean countries. Basically, a bidet is a low sink next to the toilet that serves for hygienic cleaning of one's intimate areas after using the toilet.

The advantage is that cleaning with a warm stream of water does an especially thorough and hygienic job and โ€“ unlike toilet paper โ€“ this method is especially gentle on the skin. Cleaning with water is also pleasantly refreshing. You can, of course, also use the bidet after using toilet paper.

The optimal height of floor-mounted or wall-mounted bidets also makes them convenient for washing your feet if you'd like. Regardless of the purpose, there are two possible ways of using a bidet depending on the design: either with flowing water from the bidet fixture or you close the drain and fill the basin with water. Try it out and experience the comfort and hygienic freshness of a bidet from Villeroy & Boch.

Wall-mounted or floor-mounted โ€“ which bidet is right for your bathroom?

Do you want a wall-mounted bidet or perhaps prefer a floor-mounted one? This generally depends on whether your toilet is wall-mounted or floor-mounted. For the sake of a harmonious bathroom design, the toilet and bidet should both match and ideally be chosen from the same bathroom collection. At Villeroy & Boch you will find the right toilet and bidet combination from the wide selection of collections and styles. Find out which design best matches your bathroom using our innovative bathroom planner.

Wall-mounted bidets

Wall-mounted bidets are available in a variety of designs and are currently the preferred installation type, particularly in contemporary bathrooms. They are mounted to the wall, suspending them above the floor. This requires the prior construction of a front-wall, which is a standard feature in many new buildings. The advantage is that it's easier to clean the floor surface under the bidet compared to pedestal bidets. They can also be mounted at different heights, which makes them perfect for tall people.

Floor-mounted bidets

The floor-mounted, pedestal-style bidets are a fixture of traditional bathroom collections. The elegant design makes them the perfect complement to a classic free-standing toilet. In the case of old building renovations, the installation of floor-mounted bidets is often required since the drain outlet usually leads through the floor. Wall-mounted bidets aren't possible in these situations.

What to keep in mind when installing a bidet:

No matter whether it's a wall-mounted or floor-mounted bidet, it will generally be installed next to the toilet so that it will be used directly after using the toilet. This placement also provides visual harmony in the bathroom when combined with a toilet of the same size and design. For smaller rooms, compact bidets are a space-saving alternative. They are only 19 inches instead of the standard 22 inches long. > Subway and Architectura compact bidets

Important note:

You should include the bidet early on in your planning, as hot and cold water hookups and a drain must be installed in addition to the toilet hookups. Installing the actual bidet is generally very quick and easy. Many wall-mounted bidets are attached from underneath to conceal the attachment holes or cover caps. All that you see is a continuous surface with a contemporary, elegant look. Many free-standing bidets from Villeroy & Boch are also available in this harmonious design.

A bidet faucet is also required. We recommend a flexible spray tap that lets you adjust the direction of the stream of water. Practical accessories such as a towel ring and soap dish above the bidet offer ideal convenience.

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