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Efficient design leads to optimal enjoyment

Small bathrooms require efficient design layouts- but that does not mean compromising on quality or beauty. Choosing the right products for small bathroom design will ensure pure relaxation, even in smaller spaces. By smartly designing your layout, you can still transform a small WC into a place of wellness and relaxation.

To make the most of the space in a small bathroom, utilize WC frame elements as added shelving and opt for a washbasin with a vanity unit that provides additional storage. You can also incorporate small wall-mounted units to break up the room; these are versatile options, which can double as decorative elements.

For an added sense of spaciousness, try using large-format floor tiles. These are restful and will increase the perception of roominess.

Villeroy & Boch bathtubs

Small bathrooms with bathtubs: Can it be done?

It is possible to include a bath, even if a bathroom has very little space. If the room is too small for a shower and tub, a bathtub is often the right choice because it is a versatile option that allows showering and bathing.

Adding a bathtub to a small bathroom adds a level of luxury that you cannot get with a shower alone. We recommend placing the bathtub in front of a window, if possible, to set the ambiance for peaceful bathing.

Design a small bathroom with a bathtub in just a few steps

Villeroy & Boch’s bathroom planner lets you design your small bathroom online and shows you how to maximize available space to meet your needs. It gives you planning security and yet lets your creativity run freely.

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